This 7-Year Study Just SHATTERED The Claim That Smoking Pot Lowers Your IQ, But ONLY If You’re A ‘Casual’ User

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Back in 2012 a study done by Duke University claimed that there was a link between heavy marijuana use and lower IQ’s in teenagers, however many researchers pointed out that the study only surveyed 38 persons considered to be “heavy” users which brought up questions about whether or not the sample pool was large enough and if the results could be applicable across the population.


New Study Says Smoking Marijuana Improves Your Lungs


Marijuana smokers even performed better than non-smokers.


5 Ways to Make the Most of Your 4/20


For those of you Bros in college, and even those of you who are not, consider yourself very lucky this year because 4/20 falls on a Saturday, which means an all-day smoke session where you’re only responsibility is putting a flame to some herb and letting you’re ambitions float into the wind.


Pot-Smoking Teens Risk Long-Term Damage to IQ and Show Signs Similar to Alzheimer’s


Here's the skinny, Bros: you smoke too much pot, your brain will likely rot, and you'll spend your life sleeping on a cot.

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