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I Forgot My Phone: This Amazing Short Film Shows How Depressing It Is Living in the Smartphone Era

Both an amazing and depressing video at the same time. Is it even possible to enjoy yourself in 2013 without having a smartphone?

Calling All Recent College Graduates! Win a Samsung Galaxy S 4 Smartphone!

Bros, Bros: Back in the middle of March, we got really, really excited when Samsung announced it's plans for the Galaxy s4, the powerful generational upgrade

Suck It, Apple: Will the Samsung’s Galaxy S4 KO the iPhone Once and For All?

In case you live under a rock, yesterday Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S4. Is this the smartphone that will take down the iPhone's market dominance once

5 Relatively New Apps That We’ll See A Lot of in 2013

If 2012 (and our editor's inbox) has taught me anything, it's that apps are here to stay, and EVERYONE is trying to develop the next

Blacked Out: Four Observations from Downtown New York City, Post Hurricane Sandy

Coming to you live from BroBible’s Satellite HQ in uptown New York City, I’ve spent all of the past three days in the zombie-zone that

The iPhone 5 Gets the Taiwanese Animation Treatment

Tomorrow, October 4th, is circled in the calendar of every Apple fanboy around the world. Apple’s new chief executive, Tim Cook, will reveal