Smart People Like Curly Fries


Because smart people are smart.


Here are the 100 Smartest Towns in the U.S.


Ah, yes, finally a ranking for the civilized to be proud of, a ranking over which to conduct philosophical debates while brewing chai tea, and wearing a scarf, and doing other effete intellectual shit: Lumosity, a startup that creates brain-training exercises and claims to have amassed the "world's largest dataset of human cognitive performance" (I don't really know what that entails, either), has created the definitive list of the 100 smartest cities in the U.


Ryan Lochte Appears on Set of ‘90210,’ (Barely) Says Words


Ryan Lochte is guest starring on CW's '90210,' mostly so that tweens look at him without a shirt on, which of course will lead to Mothers' shaking their heads at the declining decency of their barely teenage daughters.

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