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Jessica Kingham’s Boobs Bouncing in Slow-Motion As She Juggles a Soccer Ball is My Favorite World Cup Highlight

Everyone is catching soccer fever.

Watch a Ball of Scorching-Hot Nickel Melt Gummy Bears Because It’s Friday

There is a well-trafficked YouTube channel devoted to running experiments with a red-hot ball of nickel. Follow your dreams, kids. Anything is possible.

Watch Boxer Giovanni Lorenzo Get His Face Smashed in Slow-Motion

We love a good knockout, but what Fox Sports 1 offered us last night, during this middleweight bout between Danny Jacobs and Giovanni Lorenzo, was

Watch a UFC Fighter Roundhouse Kick the Sh*t Out of Some Eggs in Slow Motion

Those poor, poor eggs. They stood no chance once UFC lightweight contender Anthony “Showtime” Pettis  decided to kick the sh*t out of them for a

Flame-Throwing in Slow-Motion Is As Awesome As You’d Expect

There is no shame in being a grown-ass man and still being impossibly captivated by fire. Embrace the flames.

What Does It Look Like When a Manhattan-Sized Iceberg Breaks Apart?

It looks like something out of an end-of-the-world movie.

‘Fire Tennis’ In Slo-Mo HD Should Be an Olympic Sport

Would lighting tennis balls on fire be as cool if it wasn't captured at 2500fps with a Phantom Flex camera? Probably not, but still a concept

Here’s Melanie Iglesias Using a Hula Hoop in Slow-Motion

Hot women and Hula hoops go together like peanut butter and jelly. Both combinations will leave a guy smacking his lips and suffering from a

Shay Maria Walking Topless In Slow Motion is a Must See

Who doesn't love Shay Maria? Heck, I know I do. That's why a large, and kind, thank you goes out to Eventual Eye Contact for putting

Watch a Pole Vaulter Snap His Pole In Slow-Mo

Russian pole vaulter Dmitry Starodubtsev was trying to jump 5.75 meters this weekend at the IAAF World Championships in Daegu, South Korea. Things

Watch a Collection of Skateboarding Fails, Bails, and Slams in Super Slow Motion

Who wants to watch a bunch of kids fall of skateboards and break their ankles at cringe-worthy 1000fps? In the immortal words of

Oh, Hey, Here’s that Super-Slow-Mo Kate Upton Video We Were Waiting For

Allow us to quote ourselves for a second. Yesterday, after mentioning Upton's Beach Bunny Swimwear runway appearance at Miami's Fashion Week, we said, 'We can't

Kate Upton Bounces Down the Runway in Super Slow-Motion

I don't know how long Bikini.com can keep reusing the same runway footage of Kate Upton, but whatever. Props to them for having a few

Who Wants to Watch a T90 Tank Fire Off a Round at 18,000 Frames-Per-Second?

I mean, who doesn't want to see something as bada$$ as a tank blast in super slo-mo? Note the concussive wave and that beautiful, ballet-esque

VIDEO: People Doing Random Things In Slow Motion

This video -- of people punching each other in the face with gloves and smoked sausage -- sort of reminded me of the opening scene

VIDEO: This Is What Tim Lincecum Looks Like Pitching in Super-Slow Motion

During spring training the folks at Red Bull decided to put  "The Freak" under the lens of a Phantom Flex High Speed Camera and let