badass cats

Here’s A Cat Catching A Snowball In Slow-Motion, Because It’s A Goddamn Cat Catching A Snowball In Slow-Motion


#DeathStorm2K15 may be hitting much of America but this cat gives no fucks as he skies like Odell Beckham, Jr.

weapons porn

Green Berets at Ft. Bragg Firing Heavy Weapons In Slow-Motion Is Absolute Freedom Porn


Bros, be prepared to having a raging freedom broner the likes of which can only be induced by watching the most badass heavy weapons on the planet being fired in slow-mo HD.

abigail ratchford

Abigail Ratchford Bounces In Slow Motion, Wears The Most Amazing Bra


Time for our weekly installment of "Abigail Ratchford Does Amazing Things On Instagram.

slow mo HD GIFs

Battle Of The Bouncing Boobs: Which Looks Better In Slow-Mo HD, Real Or Fake?


It's a question as old as time itself: Which type of bouncing boobs looks better in high-defintion slow-mo, real or fake.


Is This The Greatest Slow-Mo Video Of Someone Getting Hit In The Head Ever?


When the new iPhone 6 line was released there was so much iPhone hatred you could barely find a single person saying anything good about it.


These Are The Top 10 Slow-Motion Moments In Movie History, Ranked


Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, is better in slow-motion.

slow motion

Watch a Ball of Scorching-Hot Nickel Melt Gummy Bears Because It’s Friday


There is a well-trafficked YouTube channel devoted to running experiments with a red-hot ball of nickel.

slow motion

Watch Boxer Giovanni Lorenzo Get His Face Smashed in Slow-Motion


We love a good knockout, but what Fox Sports 1 offered us last night, during this middleweight bout between Danny Jacobs and Giovanni Lorenzo, was a knockout -- courtesy of Lorenzo's face being rearranged -- caught in extreme slow-motion.


Here is a variety of things destroyed with a four-story fall in slow motion


Why not destroy ALL THE THINGS when you can do it this beautifully in slow motion.

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