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‘Fire Tennis’ In Slo-Mo HD Should Be an Olympic Sport

Would lighting tennis balls on fire be as cool if it wasn't captured at 2500fps with a Phantom Flex camera? Probably not, but still a concept

Watch a Collection of Skateboarding Fails, Bails, and Slams in Super Slow Motion

Who wants to watch a bunch of kids fall of skateboards and break their ankles at cringe-worthy 1000fps? In the immortal words of

Oh, Hey, Here’s that Super-Slow-Mo Kate Upton Video We Were Waiting For

Allow us to quote ourselves for a second. Yesterday, after mentioning Upton's Beach Bunny Swimwear runway appearance at Miami's Fashion Week, we said, 'We can't

Kate Upton Bounces Down the Runway in Super Slow-Motion

I don't know how long Bikini.com can keep reusing the same runway footage of Kate Upton, but whatever. Props to them for having a few