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Bros Create the Ultimate Slip’N Slide with a 12-Foot Loop

These Bros just won at life. If you have a slip'n slide better than this, we'd love to see it. We bet you don't... 

Skydiving Onto a Slip’N Slide is As Badass As It Sounds

What did you do this weekend? 

I Need an Inflatable Yacht Water Slide For My Next Sunday Funday

Pointless stuff like this is why being incredibly wealthy would be awesome. World, meet the Freestyle Cruiser custom-fitted yacht slide: A Sunday Funday slip'n slide for

Rowdy Bros Use L.I.R.R. Train Aisle as a Slip’N Slide on the Way Home from the Hamptons

Old, but a good time. Also, going re-viral today thanks to a post over at Business Insider. Who's ready for the weekend?

The Wildest, Most Insane Mountain Slip’N Slide Stunt You’ll See Today

You know what happens when you engineer and construct a Slip'N Slide ramp down the steep face of a ski slope? AWESOME. That's

We Really, Really, Really Want ‘The Water Soaked Knee Hockey Rink’

Sure, Slip 'N Slides are awesome, but I can't even begin to fathom the high times and wild, drunken hilarity that could go down on