This FAIL Compilation Proves Bros Are Hilariously Bad At Using Slip ‘N’ Slides


I guess I'm not shocked that bros suck at using Slip 'N' Slides, but it's just hilarious to see how truly awful they are in action.

slip n slides

There’s a Slip ‘N Slide In Ohio That Launches You 25 Feet In the Air


Last year I made a very bold claim that the sickest slip 'n slide of the summer was in Ohio, of all places.

Viral videos

Hot girl’s amazing run on Slip’N Slide ends in complete disaster


A makeshift Slip'N Slide, a smokin' hot girl in a bikini, a large reservoir---this has the makings of a fantastic viral video and OH NO, WATCH OUT FOR THOSE.

Slip n slides

Here’s an Even Cooler Video of That Awesome Slip N Slide in Ohio


I think we can all agree that the slip 'n slide at Ohio Dreams is the most Bro-tastic thing ever.

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