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The Hot Girl Who Looks Like the Princess from Frozen Did a Slip ‘N Slide In a Bikini

Bros... You know how we've been telling you about Anna Faith, the hot model who looks EXACTLY like Elsa from Frozen a.k.a. Brozen?

Here’s an Even Cooler Video of That Awesome Slip N Slide in Ohio

I think we can all agree that the slip 'n slide at Ohio Dreams is the most Bro-tastic thing ever. Seriously, it's on my bucket

The Sickest Slip ‘N Slide of the Summer Was in Ohio, Of All Places

I have no idea where Butler, Ohio is or what Ohio Dreams is, but I assume it's deep within the heart of Buckeye Country. To end

Bros Create the Ultimate Slip’N Slide with a 12-Foot Loop

These Bros just won at life. If you have a slip'n slide better than this, we'd love to see it. We bet you don't... 

Arizona Football Players Perfect Their Slip n’ Slide Form

Rich Rodriguez is having a lot of fun out in Arizona. He’s surrounded by one hell of a staff and has access to a Slip

Bros’ Day at the Beach Features Epic Slide n’ Slide Alley-Oop

This is billed as an “epic” trick shot, and it’s one of the few times that term isn’t empty hyperbole.

Bored? Check Out This Slip ‘n Slide Fails Compilation

I don't think the folks at Wham-O would consider much, or any, of this "proper use" of what is, perhaps, their most famed product.

The Ultimate Slip ‘N Slide Win ‘N Fail Compilation

With summer in the rearview mirror, let's take a look back at the best and worst slip'n slide videos to hit the Internet. Without further

You Have No Idea How Badly I Want to Do This Epic 40-Foot Slip’n Slide Off a Cliff

Another thing to add to your bucket list, via this evening's Hot Clicks. Here's what you need to know, via the YouTube description: "One of

Human Slingshot and Slip ‘n Slide

The video may have been paid for by Vooray -- a clothing brand whose website plays Five for Fighting on repeat (Editor's note: