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The Best Prop and Gimmick Dunks in Slam Dunk Contest History

You like dunks; I like dunks. Let’s watch YouTube videos of great dunks together. CLICK TO WATCH: The Best Prop and […]

Doug Anderson Won the College Slam Dunk Contest With This Beauty

University of Detroit guard Doug Anderson won last night’s collegiate slam dunk contest with an absolute mesmerizing jam. His between-the-legs 360 job hardly seems like

Santa Claus Cracked His Face Off the Rim During a Dunk Attempt at Rockets-Bulls Game Last Night

A neck is NOT supposed to unhinge like that, you guys. 

Paul George Surprises Shanghai With Ridiculous 360 Windmill Dunk

It’s safe to say that Indianapolis Pacers jumping jack Paul George gave basketball fans in Shanghai something to remember with this number.

The Best Dunk from Kuwait You’ll See Today

Quick, when you think of high-flying dunks, what country comes to mind? If you said Kuwait, you'd be correct.

Josh Thompson Dunks Over His Mother in 2011 Madness Before Midnight Slam Dunk Contest

I honestly don't think this chick was really his mother. I would presume if you used your mother as a prop, you'd at