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The Best Prop and Gimmick Dunks in Slam Dunk Contest History

You like dunks; I like dunks. Let’s watch YouTube videos of great dunks together. CLICK TO WATCH: The Best Prop and […]

These Are the Dunks That Won Terrence Ross the Slam Dunk Contest

Terrence Ross is your Slam Dunk contest champion. He’s a rookie for the Toronto Raptors. I will admit that I didn’t know of his existence

Little Kid Asks LeBron Why He’s Not in the Dunk Contest

Despite the freakish athletism that LeBron James possess, he has never competed in an NBA Slam Dunk Contest. In 2004, his rookie year,

Guy Dupuy’s Dunk Over a Car is More Impressive Than Blake Griffins’ Dunk Over a Car

Finally, a dunk clip that doesn't involve frustrated "little people" (read: Peter Dinklage-sized) getting tossed in a pool. Here's a video of French pro basketball

Three Super Slow Mo Videos from the Slam Dunk Contest

Want to see DeMar DeRozen, Serge Ibaka, and Blake Griffin dunk in super, super slow-mo? It's surprisingly hypnotizing.