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Watch This Badass Ballerina Slackline Across Two Speeding Trucks

Ballerina Faith Dickey has cojones bigger than you. The world record-holding highliner recently pulled off an impressive slacklining feat between two speeding big rigs on

That Slacklining Dude in the Toga During the Halftime Show Has An Acrobatics Highlight Reel

Remember that dude during the half-time show who looked like the lovechild between Will Ferrell and Napoleon Dynamite's mom? You know, the guy

The Best Slacklining/Basejumping Combo Video You’ll See Today

This video has been making the rounds in the action sports community this week, so it's high time we feature it here. This teaser for

Slacklining Over Yosemite Falls Looks Insane

Don't think the only bat-sh*t crazy slackliners are the French. National Geographic recently dropped this visually stunning video of California-based extremist Dean Potter highlining over