Skype removes ‘offensive’ emoticons because they offended people


From now on, the only way to give a person the middle finger on Skype is the old fashioned way -- giving them the actual middle finger.

Skype security

So Skype is listening in on your calls now


It wasn't so long ago that Skype insisted that its peer-to-peer network and complex network meant that law enforcement couldn't tap its calls.

skype glitch

Skype just sending your messages to whoever


Think of the worst possible glitch you can have for a messaging system.

windows phone

Skype now on Windows Phone…provided it’s not a low-end one


Good news, heavy Skype users, porn fans, and everybody else who needs to stare at somebody on a phone call: Skype for Windows Phone has officially arrived.

Xbox 360

Skype is coming to your Xbox 360


Ever since Microsoft bought Skype, the popular video-conferencing service, everybody's been wondering what Microsoft will do with it, and whether Skype will survive or become yet another tech company destroyed by Microsoft screwing up.

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