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James Bond Is Coming Back in 2015, with Sam Mendes Again Directing

Originally, Skyfall director Sam Mendes wasn't going to return to the James Bond franchise, begging off to instead direct theater productions of King Lear and

Watch a 15-Minute Documentary About the Abandon Island Used as a Villian’s Lair in ‘Skyfall’

If you saw "Skyfall," you'll recall the abandon island used as a secret lair by Raoul Silva. Believe it or not, it's a real place, not

Dead Bro Wants You to Go See ‘Skyfall’ Instead of Getting Him Flowers, Plus Today’s Fix (29 Pics)

Man, screw flowers: What better way to honor the deceased than going to see "Skyfall"? That's what John E. "Jack" Jones of Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Meet Skyfall’s Bérénice Marlohe, the Hottest Bond Girl Ever , Plus the Best Links of the Week

The good lads over at FHM sat down with Skyfall’s Berenice Marlohe, who we're just going to go ahead and call "the hottest Bond girl

Curious to See an Infographic Detailing How Many Girls James Bond Has Bedded?

Face it: You've always wondered where James Bond stands on The Count. The guy's been going strong for 50 years and, after next week, 22

Guess What Happens to James Bond in This Crazy Train Scene Clip from ‘Skyfall’?


The Top 50 James Bond Moments Should Hold You Over ‘Till ‘Skyfall’

Here are a few totally true facts about the James Bond series:

A New International Trailer for ‘Skyfall,’ Now with More Javier Bardem

The new Bond movie, "Skyfall," opens at theaters everywhere on November 9th. The latest trailer gives us our first look at the movie's villian, Raoul

Watch James Bond Chase Himself in This Brilliant All-James Bond Car Chase Scene

To celebrate its announcement of a James Bond on-demand channel, Britain's Sky Movies released this amazing edited car chase video yesterday. It strings together scenes

Bond, James Bond: There’s a New Trailer for ‘Skyfall’

Another teaser trailer, but with the Olympics going on over in London and Daniel Craig jumping out of a helicopter in character (sorta) during the

First Trailer for New James Bond Movie ‘Skyfall’ Asks Questions

Have you been going through withdrawal of international espionage, awesome gadgets, and exotic women? Well you're in luck, Bond is back.