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Dude Skydives From 5,000 Feet, Lands on Slip n’ Slide and Rides It to the End


MMA Fighting + Skydiving = People Beating The Snot Out Of Each Other 15,000 Feet In The Air

Probably the most insane video of the day.

Bro Gets Blackout Drunk On His Birthday, Wakes Up Skydiving In Most Insane Prank Video Of All Time

This prank has to be fake, right? No professional skydiver in his right mind would strap a blackout drunk guy to his chest and jump

Terrifying Moment a Skydiver was Hit By Plane in Florida as He Came in to Land

So this was the highlight of Skydiving Safety Day...

GoPro Falls From a Sky Diving Plane and Lands In a Pig Pen… Most Incredible GoPro Video Ever or Fake?

This viral GoPro video is so insane, I have a hard time believe it’s real. Like… What are the chances […]

Here’s What It Was Like To Skydive Into the AFC Championship Game

The Denver Broncos have an official parachute team because FOOTBALL IS KING. The group is worth every penny for providing this awesome footage of their

HOLY HELL: Dude in a Wingsuit Flies Through Incredibly Small Gap

Not long now till one of these people GoPro's their own death. But I love this Bro's post-gap, "I didn't die this time" celebration. And

Horrifying Footage From Skydiver’s Camera the Moment Two Skydiving Planes Crash in Mid-Air

Skydiving might get a bad rap from the misinformed, but it is actually a fairly safe activity. I've done it, and the scariest part of

Escape Artist Pulls Off Locked Coffin Skydive

This made my eyeballs sweat. 

Baseball Player Gets Crushed From Above By Skydiver

Baseball isn’t usually a contact sport – but it can be when an out-of-control skydiver comes into play.

Skydiving Onto a Slip’N Slide is As Badass As It Sounds

What did you do this weekend? 

Navy SEAL Straps Camera to Head, Skydives Into Dodger Stadium Like a Boss

A day in the life of a Navy Seal probably goes something like this: 1. Wake up 2. Be awesome 3. Go to sleep. 4.

‘Experience Freedom’ Is the Most Stunning Skydive, Base Jumping and Wingsuit Video You’ll See Today

Sometimes we get an urge to do something radical like go skydiving or BASE jumping. Last week Infinity List dropped this inspirational supercut of extreme

Here’s A Local News Story About a Skydiving Instructor/P*rnstar Who Made a P*rn While Skydiving

Here's a adult entertainment genre you've probably never heard of before: Skydiving adult entertainment! That's because French Canadian adult entertainment star/part-time sky diving instructor Alex

Watch An Awesome Short Film About Skydiving

Personally, I have mixed feelings about skydiving. However, if you don't want to jump out of a plane with a paracute on after watching this,

Video: Four Guys In a Skydiving Simulator Balling Uncontrollably

Sorry about that retarded headline but it's early and I have no idea how else to describe this 4-man, synchronized escapade that takes place inside