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Kate Upton’s Skullcandy Photoshoot Is the Highlight of Our Weekend

Hey now. Remember Kate Upton's photos for Skullcandy from earlier this year? Now there's video. Since you probably don't have anything else better to

Kate Upton Goes to Work With Kevin Durant and James Harden, Hotness Ensues

Because we haven't posted anything about Kate Upton in like 45 minutes, here's the cover model going to work with Kevin

Kate Upton Is Modeling for Skullcandy Now and the Pics Are HOT

Kate Upton Alert: Today we learn that The Internet's Most Viral model has landed another endorsement, this time a "multi-year contract" with Skullcandy.

Win a Pair of Skullcandy Roc Nation Aviator Headphones or 50/50 Earbuds!

Finishing up finals? Stuck in the library grinding over your