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Watch Marshawn Lynch Absolutely Level a Little Brazilian Kid With a Forearm Shot

Marshawn Lynch went down to Brazil this weekend to teach a football camp. It looks like he imported a little […]

You’ll Never Believe Who Created This Amazing Portrait of Marshawn Lynch Made Entirely of Skittles

Seahawks’ fans are celebrating all day today. We all celebrate different. One dude did it with Skittles and a ton of glue.

Chrissy Teigen Narrowly Escapes Death As Skittles Waterfall Interrupts Photo Shoot

Two things we love working together in perfect harmony. It’s downright poetic. Money well spent, Skittles.

Video: Marshawn Lynch Rewarded With Skittles Snack on the Sidelines

As you know, Marshawn Lynch, Beastmode 9.0, happened last night against the Eagles. Apparently the secret to his heroics is tasting the rainbow.