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Why Are You Still Using Your Hands to Put on Your Pants?

Do this instead.

7 Skills to Make People Think You’re Handy, Even if You’re Not

In 2014, it’s somewhat rare to find a guy who knows how to do or fix anything.

East Carolina Kicker Davis Plowman Booted a 50-Yard Field Goal With a Shirt Pulled Over His Face

I’m not entirely sure how much time Pirates kicker Davis Plowman — that name again is Mr. Plowman — has […]

How to Rip a Phonebook in Half

Necessary skill if you do want to go through life as that pussy who can't shred a phonebook with his bare hands. Otherwise, carry on.

Guy Plays the Piano So Fast, Pretty Shocking His Fingers Didn’t Straight Fall Off

Skip to three quarters in for maximum pupil dilation/holy shitness/debate in your mind about which one of your friends will appreciate this as much as