Watch a Snowboarder Cause a Huge, Scary Backcountry Avalanche at Jackson Hole


If you've ever hiked/shredded a backcountry bowl like this, you'll probably find this to be scary as hell.


VIDEO: Skier Saves Himself From Avalanche By Deploying an Airbag


Last week a tipster passed along this crazy POV video of a skier surviving an avalanche while helisking in Alaska.

skiing avalanche

Skier Survives a Small Avalanche; Captures His Escape On Video


When I lived in Colorado's Western Slope, spring backcountry skiing was just a rite of passage that came with the transition of the season.

skiing video

Video: What It Looks Like to Get Caught In an Avalanche


With AG in Tahoe for the weekend, I thought I’d give him a video that’ll make him feel nice and cozy on the slopes.

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