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Two Girls, One Show About Bros

MTV's newest show takes on Bro culture in New York City, in the most unexpected way. 

Tiny Diapers for Your Penis and Other Kickstarters That Might As Well Exist

We've reached Peak Kickstarter. There are no more good ideas. NYC sketch comedy group The Bilderbergers (#illuminati) satirize that well in this funny series of

Don’t Fall for Any of the ‘10 Ways to Reject a Guy,’ Although They’re All Pretty Hilarious

Initiation is our responsibility, rejection is theirs. Not that I'd ever swap having to bear a child for anything, but it's probably pretty cool getting

It’s Pretty Tough to Go Harder Than This Outrageous ‘Errands with My Mom’ Rap

Fresh from the mean streets of your everyman white-collar suburb. 

Watch ‘Key and Peele’ Riff on ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,’ Plus Their 5 Best Sketches of the Season

Last night was the season finale of "Key and Peele," a show that really grew into its own this year and which we'll miss until

‘Key & Peele’ Is Back with a Funny (and True) Sketch on School Bullies

While it's not the most laugh out loud funny sketch "Key & Peele" has produced during its solid Season Two run, this number on school

‘Key & Peele’ Delivers Again with a Bizarre and Funny Pizza Order Sketch

We've touched on this before, but it's worth saying again: If you're not catching this "Key & Peele" train right now, you're missing out. It's