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A GoPro Attached to the Bottom of a Skateboard Makes for a Mesmerizing GoPro Video

I watch a lot of GoPro videos for this job. I've seen GoPros on the inside of crab pots and the inside of hula hoops.

Dude on a Skateboard Has Massive Road Rage, Uses Board as Weapon, Things Gets Bloody

Usually these road rage videos end in nothing more than chest puffing, peacocking, and both parties walking away, but not this one. Things get violent

Skate Upton: 12 Kate Upton Skate Decks for the Truly Obsessed

World, we'd like to introduce you to Skate Upton. Inspired by Jeff Gaudinet’s Skate Moss, three industrius graphic designers mocked up what some of Kate

Fat Guy on Skateboard Fails Like A Fat Guy on a Skateboard Should

This is about all anyone should ever expect from a fat, middle-aged, hipster douche trying to ride a skateboard down a hill.