live tv

Watch A Television Reporter Get SMASHED In The Head With A Skateboard During A Live Report


Every job has its downfalls, no matter how seemingly easy or cushy it appears to be on the outside.


Dude on a Skateboard Has Massive Road Rage, Uses Board as Weapon, Things Gets Bloody


Usually these road rage videos end in nothing more than chest puffing, peacocking, and both parties walking away, but not this one.


LaGrange L1 skateboard truck electrifies any skateboard


Skateboards are actually fairly useful for getting around.

street surf

Street surf with the Bombora


Increasingly, surfers, skateboarders, and snowboarders are coming together to make hybrid boards that let them practice when there aren't any waves or snow, but plenty of asphalt.


6 items all guys should retire after college

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If we could, we would stay in college forever.


Fat Guy on Skateboard Fails Like A Fat Guy on a Skateboard Should


This is about all anyone should ever expect from a fat, middle-aged, hipster douche trying to ride a skateboard down a hill.

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