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Watch a Couple Skateboarders Absolutely Bomb Down a Mountain in the Alps


Worst Person in the World Shoves Scared Kid Off Skate Ramp

How not to get children into skateboarding.

This Skateboarding Cat Is the Hero the Internet Needs

Animal tricks.

A GoPro Attached to the Bottom of a Skateboard Makes for a Mesmerizing GoPro Video

I watch a lot of GoPro videos for this job. I've seen GoPros on the inside of crab pots and the inside of hula hoops.

Watch This Unreal 2-Year-Old Shred on His Skateboard

Kahlei Stone-Kelly is an Australian toddler who can skateboard while wearing just a diaper. Judging from this (pretty incredible) video, his career path can only follow

Skateboarder Runs Into Child, Gets Punched in Face By Enraged Mother

What kind of skate park is this? It has professionals filming tricks while random kids wander around unsupervised.

Here’s Easily the Sexiest Skateboarding Video You’ve Ever Seen

You're selling skateboards. You film a commercial that is about women in bikinis. You are possibly the world's greatest marketer.

Watch Bob Burnquist, Video Game Person AND Actual Human, Do Tricks Off a Helicopter

You may know Bob Burnquist from the legendary Tony Hawk Pro Skater franchise. Master of big air is also the master of big air in

A 16 Year-Old Has Landed the First 1080 in X Games History

So this happened over the weekend. At X Games Barcelona, teenager homie Mitchie Brusco got his name in the record books by landing the competition's first

Brazilian Skateboard Hottie Leticia Bufoni Drops Another F-Bomb During X-Games Interview

People could not help themselves from dropping F-bombs on live television this weekend. David Ortiz did it. Rookie anchor A.J. Clemente did it. Brazilian skateboarder

Skateboarder Jake Brown Landed the First-Ever Ollie 720 Yesterday

At the X Games Foz Do Iguacu this year, Jake Brown—remember him now?—landed the first no-handed double-rotation aerial in the history of skateboarding. There is video.

Skateboarder Falls Down, Has Skateboard Hilariously Boomerang Into His Head

Wait for it, wait for it...

Watch a Skateboarder Cheat Death by One Second

A few bros went out longboarding on a winding road, and, spoiler alert! They didn't use a spotter. And what happens when you don't use

This Awesome Skateboarding Video Was Actually Filmed by a Drone

Drones! They're unholy death machines that can kill you in a quiet instant, and they make for an amazing camera to film a "Tron"-esque skateboarding

This Amazing Skateboarder Has a Tape Unlike Anything We’ve Ever Seen

Typically, mind-blowing skateboarding films are really just a collection of previously known tricks, modified in a different way or put together in a string of

Skater Has a Multi-Round Bout with a Set of Stairs. Stairs Win in a Landslide.

The "rope-a-dope" strategy may not translate to skating, but you certainly have gotta appreciate the persistence here. 

Watch Skateboarder Going 40mph Get Demolished By a Passing Deer

The uploader of the video said, "The deer fled away after the accident and I am sure he wasn't hurt." That's it. That's all he

Tony Hawk ‘Pro Skater’ Is Back, And This AWESOME Video Will Get You Pumped

The "Pro Skater" series was one of the best, and it looks like its about to get even better: 

Skate Upton: 12 Kate Upton Skate Decks for the Truly Obsessed

World, we'd like to introduce you to Skate Upton. Inspired by Jeff Gaudinet’s Skate Moss, three industrius graphic designers mocked up what some of Kate

Jump-Start Your Morning With an Extreme Sports Video Mash-up

This is all kinds of badass. Five-plus minutes of riders – from bikers to skiers to snowboarders – getting it done. They all

12-Year Old Skateboarding Prodigy Tom Schaar Lands the First Skateboarding 1080 Ever

We're not really that into skateboarding, but you have to respect this kid. At the age of 12 years old, skating wunderkind Tom Schaar pulled

Tarp Surfing Has Never Looked So Cool

There's an awesome photo in the middle of our Father's Day book, "My Dad is a Bro", that shows a dad jolting through

‘Freebording’ Looks Like a Fun New Downhill Sport

I'm new to the whole freeboarding craze, but this really seems like a fun enough time for an adrenaline junkie looking for a new fix.

The First-Ever Skateboard Side Flip Is Crazy Awesome

I was never that good at skateboarding growing up, but a few of my buddies were pretty good. But none of them ever

Watch a Collection of Skateboarding Fails, Bails, and Slams in Super Slow Motion

Who wants to watch a bunch of kids fall of skateboards and break their ankles at cringe-worthy 1000fps? In the immortal words of

Uh, Is There a Kid Getting Abducted in the Back of ESPN Interview About the X-Games?

Probably not. At least we hope so. Last week ESPN interviewed 16-year-old skateboarder Nyjah Huston in anticipation of the X-Games. We could care

VIDEO: This Bulldog Is The Ultimate Boarder

Tillman the Bulldog might just be the ultimate Bro: He skimboards, snowboards, and skates. We can't imagine how many times this dog has helped drop