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Entertaining Video Shows Why Skateboarding Drunk Is A Terrible Idea


Sure, a guy trying to skateboard while drunk has all the makings of an entertaining video all by itself.


Skateboarding Wasn’t Hardcore Enough For This English Bulldog, So Now He’s Taking Up Surfing


El Biuf is an English Bulldog from Lima, Peru who's been famous for quite some thanks to his skills on a skateboard, but now Biuf the Bulldog is taking up surfing.


Watch And Laugh As Justin Bieber Eats Pavement Trying To Be Cool On A Skateboard

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Anytime we get the chance to see Justin Bieber fail at something, even just for a split second (which is about all we get here) we're definitely taking it.

Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk Riding A Real-Life Hoverboard Makes Marty McFly Look Like A Doofus On A Rascal Scooter


Have you ever wanted to ride a hoverboard like Marty McFly from Back To The Future, but then realized that hoverboards aren't real and that you’re just a big stupid idiot for thinking that.


WIRED Uses Physics To Explain How To Do An Ollie On A Skateboard (In Slow-Mo HD GIFs)


I've always been somewhere between 'piss poor' to 'average' when it comes to skating.


Wanna See What It Looks Like To Wipe Out On A Skateboard Going 65 Miles An Hour?


My tolerance for pain is hilariously low, to the point where tripping on a crack in the sidewalk and scraping my knee has a 50/50 shot of making me cry.


This Is What It Looks Like To Bust Ass And Eat Pavement Going 65MPH On A Skateboard


Is bombing down the side of a mountain road on a skateboard at 65mph the ultimate rush.


This Skatepark Filled With 5001 Balloons Is Proof Society Has Run Out Of Good Ideas–It’s Also Awesome


Just because we don't need to do something doesn't mean it shouldn't get done, and such is the case with this skatepark full of 5,001 balloons and dudes skating through it: I can't quite place my finger on why this is a great video, but it is.


This 9 year old GIRL might be the next Tony Hawk


This 9 year old girl is on her way to a VERY bright future in skateboarding if she's already landing tricks like this.

street skating

Skateboarding legend Paul Rodriguez teams up with AXE for a new street inspired collection


Skateboarding legend Paul Rodriguez, aka P-Rod, has been KILLING IT in the skating world for years.

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