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9 Hilarious Video Games That Could Easily Be Turned Into Great Sitcoms


Video games can feature grisly violence, deeply profound themes, complex characters, and intriguing parallels to real-world issues.


‘Full House’ with Michelle edited out would be the greatest sitcom ever


Full House was known for its saccharine sweet moments and adorable family humor.

The Goldbergs mailer

New ABC show wants everyone named Goldberg to watch


New ABC show The Goldbergs is determined to get people to watch their show.


The unaired ‘Three’s Company’ pilot is like an alternate universe


You've still got John Ritter and Norman Fell as Mr.


The Bros from ‘Entourage’ Have Sold a Weed-Based Sitcom to Fox


Do you think everything's still gonna always work out, and that they'll get the massive weed delivery after all.

Walter White

Funny Stuff: ‘Breaking Bad’ Gets the Sitcom Treatment


What does the meth masterpiece look like with a laughtrack and a Kramer-esque Flynn.


10 of the hottest MILFs in sitcom history

By | 35 Comments

Not a lot of explanation needed here.

TV inconsistencies

7 of the most glaring inconsistencies in sitcom history

By | 99 Comments

Looking back at the shows we watched during our childhood, there were some weird things happening.

TV shows

12 of the most whipped husbands and boyfriends in TV history

By | 12 Comments

The whipped husband/boyfriend has long been a staple of TV comedy.

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