Sisters Bella And Gigi Hadid Each Made A Sexy Video… For The Holidays


I thought the point of an advent calendar was to count down the days until Christmas, but Love magazine has gone above and beyond this year and they're still sharing sexy videos with one of their latest featuring the sister of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid.

dumb crime

No Matter WhatAwful Life Choices You Make, You’ll Never Be This Woman Who Allegedly Beat Up Her Twin Over A Vibrator

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Via Facebook The only reason I can think of that would make fighting with your twin sister over a vibrator be maybe “okay” would be if said vibrator were made of solid gold.


11 Moments Everyone With A Sister Will Recognize


She's a saint who knows you’re an idiot who will repeatedly forget your Mom’s birthday, but at the same time she’s an annoying turd who won’t shut the fuck up about getting ice cream and she’s always cold yet never brings a jacket.

the kloons

Two Bros Acting Out A Conversation Between 60-Year-Old Women Will Make Your Sides Hurt


These two brothers from Brooklyn, The Kloons, act out a conversation between their 60-year-old mother and aunt, and holy crap did I just die laughing.

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