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Colin Kaepernick and Cam Newton Sang Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’ and There Was No Clear Winner

Cam Newton and Colin Kaepernick hosted Cartoon Network’s Hall of Games Awards because it’s the offseason and NFL players need […]

Watch Blake Griffin Do His Best Tupac Shakur Impression

Blake Griffin sat out most of the second half of Friday night’s game against the Toronto Raptors. The Clippers power […]

New York Mets Wish You Happy Holidays With Offkey Singing

Would you expect the New York Mets to have a championship-caliber holiday message for their fans? Of course not. You’d expect the New York Mets

Victor Oladipo Sings Like an Angel

Orlando Magic rookie Victor Oladipo got women across the country all hot and bothered a few months back by singing Usher. He’s back at it,

New York Bartender Grabs Mic and Covers Radiohead’s ‘Creep’ Masterfully

This is a top 5 song out of anything offered on Rock Band or Guitar Hero. Likely how this New York bartender honed his skills. It's pretty

Carolina Panthers’ DeAngelo Williams and Five Teammates Sing Temptations’ Song in a Waffle House

Not everyday that we post a Waffle House video where fat chicks aren't beating the shit out of each other as their gelatin flows out

Russell Westbrook Singing Taylor Swift While Shirtless is Cause for Concern

Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook is one poor son of a bitch. He’s so bored rehabbing his surgically repaired knee that he’s posting videos

There’s Another Homeless Man With a Golden Voice

If the Internet has anything to say about it, James Percell is about to get his 15-minutes of fame. Homeless for 5 years, Percell was

Dom Mazzetti Sings the Greatest Hits

Dom Mazzetti is vocally gifted. Who knew? His renditions somehow make these songs even catchier. Just a thing of beauty right here.

Believe It or Not This Goth Dude Is America’s Susan Boyle

Andrew De Leon is a huge Marilyn Manson fan (no surprise there) and he isn't particularly "Bro," in any way, but the sound that comes

U.S. Military Break Video of the Day

These videos of our service men (and now women) blowing off steam are becoming commonplace. We usually post the ones that err on

Listen to Dirk Nowitzki Sing ‘We Are The Champions’

Who cares that The Germanator has a singing voice that vaguely sounds like Sloth from the Goonies? The man's swag is through the roof and