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22 Pictures of Uber Hottie Simone Vilas Boas

The latest in an impossibly long line of hot Brazilian supermodels, Simone Vilas Boas rocks something called "Adore Me" lingerie here. ADORE YOU? Okay.

Simone Villas Boas is the Next Brazilian Supermodel to Know

Brazilian supermodels have a terrific effect on all of us. And, luckily, that country churns 'em out like we do Wal-Marts. The latest on the

30 Pics of Simone Villas Boas, A Hot New Brazilian Swimsuit Model You Need To Know About

World, meet Simone Villas Boas. No relation to Andre Villas Boas, the coach of Chelsea Football Club. Villas Boas is a 24-year old Brazilian