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Stop What You’re Doing and Watch this Dude Shred ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’ In Sign Language

Just watch. It might just be the best 4-minutes of your entire goddamn day.

This Painfully Uncomfortable Video You Are About to Watch Is a Sign-Language Rap Battle With Wiz Khalifa

This is awkward.

Sign Language Interpreter Translates the Gibberish Signed by Man at Nelson Mandela Funeral

These are the facts: On Tuesday, a (possibly schizophrenic!) man passed himself off as a sign language interpreter, managed to stand behind some of the world's most

This Sign Language Interpreter Just Killed Wu Tang Clan’s ‘Da Mystery of Chessboxin’’

Bonnaroo has a team of sign language interpreters and one of them, Holly, is awesome. Check her out during the Wu Tang Clan's set. (WARNING:

This Is a Teaser for What Should be an Amazing Music Video from Kinetics and One Love

From the boys who wrote the B.o.B's hit track "Airplanes," Kinetics and One Love is set to wow the world with their visual interpretation of

A Guide to Lydia Callis, Mayor Bloomberg’s Sign Language Interpreter and NYC’s Most Popular Person

I'm watching Mayor Bloomberg give another press conference right now, and while I obviously have a vested interest in what he's saying—I live in Manhattan