Did You Know Miley Cyrus Has An Older Sister Who’s 100x HOTTER Than Miley?


Although Brandi Cyrus is technically Miley’s half sister from Tish Cyrus’ previous marriage that doesn’t mean that Brandi’s lacking in the looks department compared to her sister.

dumb crime

No Matter WhatAwful Life Choices You Make, You’ll Never Be This Woman Who Allegedly Beat Up Her Twin Over A Vibrator

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Via Facebook The only reason I can think of that would make fighting with your twin sister over a vibrator be maybe “okay” would be if said vibrator were made of solid gold.


11 Moments Everyone With A Sister Will Recognize


She's a saint who knows you’re an idiot who will repeatedly forget your Mom’s birthday, but at the same time she’s an annoying turd who won’t shut the fuck up about getting ice cream and she’s always cold yet never brings a jacket.

siblings who need to be stopped

Sibling Torture: 18 brothers and sisters who need to be stopped immediately


Siblings can be your closest friends and your worst enemies, it's just the nature of the relationship.


This video perfectly sums up big sister-little brother relationships


A teenage girl is attempting to do a *cough* sexy dance to Akon's song "Smack That" when her little brother discretely interrupts the action in the background.

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