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Michigan Man Tripping on Shrooms Rips Off His Own Dick Outside of a Middle School

Did he pull this (it) off with his bare hands? My god, that had to take some serious front delt strength (or rear delt, depending

Bro Has Sex After Taking Shrooms

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Guy Ate Shrooms and Got Drunk Before Being a Contestant on ‘The Price is Right’

His name is Josh Androsky and...well... I'll just let him explain the kind of life he leads/guy he is: 'Hi. I'm an idiot and I

Little League Umpire Arrested For Growing Weed, Shrooms

Another example of why we were told never talk to stangers. Especially those with candy.  53 year old Garrett Douthit had been an umpiring for about

What Can You Buy (Almost Legally) in Amsterdam?

Everybody knows that the coffee shops in Amsterdam and other parts of The Netherlands openly sell weed thanks to the fact that it is decriminalized