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Man Bites Off Another Man’s Finger at a Jay-Z/Beyonce Concert

SEE! SEE!!! Shit happens at Queen Bae and King Jay shows too, not just country and EDM shows...

5 People You Do NOT Want to Be at a Concert

With summer in full swing it is safe to assume that most of us have been to a concert or two already.

Phish Makes 2013 Summer Tour Announcement with Amusing ‘Apocalypse Now’ Spoof

Sometimes it's worth repeating one's self when a point needs repeating. So, allow me to repeat something I said last year: More bands should make tour

Concert Review: Zak Downtown and Bramzwig Play the Highline Ballroom

For many people, being a white rapper automatically assigns you to one of two categories: the real Slim Shady or frat rap. As artists Zak

Here’s the First Trailer for Season 3 of ‘The Walking Dead’

Let’s be perfectly honest here. Once the gang from “The Walking Dead” decided to take up residence at that farm, what was once one of

deadmau5 to the World: ‘We All Press Play’

It's been a weird 72 hours for EDM. Swedish House Mafia announced their next tour will be their last. With a well-written editorial, Dancing Astronaut slammed

10 Awesome Things About Chicago’s North Coast Music Festival

“There are three things you need to throw a successful music festival,” Mike Berg, co-founder of the North Coast Music Festival in Chicago, said