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Stop Everything: Deep-Fried Tequila Shots Exist and Will Get Your D-R-U-N-K

Booze you can eat? Booze you can eat.

I Can’t Stop Watching This GIF of a Bro Taking Shots Off a Treadmill

Now THIS is how you take shots, ladies and gentlemen.

Here’s The Best Reason I’ve Seen Not To Do Flaming Shots

It turns out that fire and grain alcohol are a dangerous combo.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Fireball Whisky, Every College Student’s Favorite Shot

They say you always remember your first. My first fireball shot was in 2011, when I ponyed up to my favorite watering hole in the

Watch Bob Costas Do Shots of Vodka On-Air After an Awesome Segment on Russia Vodka

Poor Bob Costas. Thanks to some tainted Sochi water, he’s fighting a wicked eye-infection that’s causing Twitter to crack jokes […]

Colorado State Freshman Wins Free Tuition By Making Half-Court Shot

A Colorado State pep rally escalated into a jamboree of free money when a fresh-faced freshman knocked down a half-court shot for a year of

Memorable Shots: 4 Simple Ways to Spice Up Your Otherwise Stale Pregaming Experience

Pregames are a lot like life before age 30--though we all know pretty much where things are heading, not enough time

Heist of the Year? Thieves Jacked $1.1 Million Worth of Vodka

There are booze runs. And then there are booze runs. 

Learn How to Make the ‘Russian Quaalude’ and 29 Other Shots

Since today is a day that ends in "y" we figure you're probably readying yourself to get drunk, if you already aren't. Here is a

This ‘Hobbit’ Video Set to LMFAO’s ‘Shots’ Chronicles the Unexpected Journey into Blacking Out

Oddly captivating.

The 50 Greatest Celebrity Mug Shots of All Time

Late Tuesday night, country singer Randy Travis was arrested and jailed for a DWI. He was found a** naked after crashing his car, and when

Jameson Select Reserve Black Barrel

When you think of Jameson, you most likely recall crushing a pub or dive with your bros, teetering on the brink of sh*tfaced-ness, when one

Science Tells Us How We Get Drunk

So here I was, thinking that me getting drunk had something to do with how many pinnies and backwards hats I wore in a given

Bro Almost Burns Face Off While Doing a Flaming Shot with His College Buddies

Flaming shots can be a good time, but this bro just doesn't know how to handle his fire water. You can basically see

Six Must-Try Beer-Plus-Shot Alternatives to Irish Car Bombs

Irish Car Bombs are one of the most popular shots in the world. Not only are they delicious, they also get you super effed up.

The ‘Blue Mofo,’ ‘Bazooka Joe,’ and Three Other Drinks for Your Next Winter Party

Since it’s now officially winter and you're freezing your nuts off, you might as well stay in and get toasted. Even though you’re probably fine

5 Shots and Drinks to Mix for the Ladies (and the Bros) at Your New Year’s Eve Party

A well-stocked bar at a Bro-packed party usually requires little more than copious amounts of beer and bottles of Jager and whiskey. But when the

Are You Man Enough to Down These Killer Shots?

Downing shots of alcohol is an integral part of an epic drinking night. Shots should give you quick jolts of confidence and allow