shotgunning beer

L.A. Bro on Instagram Is on a Quest to Shotgun a Beer Every Day For a Year


As Bros, we don't need an excuse to shotgun a beer; it's a natural reflex that's just part of our behavior.

total frat move

4 Reasons All Beer Should Be Consumed In Shotgun Form


Shotgunning is by far the most patriotic way to crush a brew.


Pat Bertoletti shotguns 5.7 liters of beer


Ever wonder what happens when a professional competitive eater decides to do a little recreational drinking.


Two Grandmas Shotgunning Beers at University of Michigan Tailgate


Looking past the fact that they were shotgunning Michelob ULTRA's at this Michigan tailgate, these old broads can hang better than most chicks 1/3 of their age.

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