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Watch a Great Companion Film to ‘Gravity’

Only watch/read this if you've seen Gravity.

Okay? Alright.

As a companion to Gravity, screenwriter Jonás Cuarón spent $100,000 on the short film Aningaaq, which may join its big

This Short Film Perfectly Describes a High School Breakup

Noah is a 17-minute short film that recently premiered at the Tiff film festival and then went kind of viral on Reddit this morning.

Check Out ‘Jay and Seth Take on the Apocolypse,’ the Short Film That Inspired ‘This Is the End’

Unless you're one of those people who sleep in internet forums, you probably didn't know that this weekend's comedy tour de force, the Rogen/Franco/Hill/McBride/Baruchel/Robinson starring

This Is a Pretty Cool Video on the Rise, Fall, and Possible Rebirth of JaMarcus Russell

Arguably the biggest bust in NFL history hasn't been on the radar for quite sometime now. Looks like he's ready for a change, though. 

‘When the Zombies Come’ Short Hilariously Explains How to Best Prep for the Inevitable Apocalypse

When you need a place to stay during the great zombie riots of 2015, this guy has got you covered. 

Charles, Your Hangover: A Short Film About Going to Work Hungover

Is there anything more ruthless than a vicious hangover at work?  

Here’s an Artsy Film About How Everyone is Constantly Online

Here’s your challenge for the day: talk to someone face-to-face without looking at an electronic device. Remember when people did that? It was OK.