march madness

Bro Repeatedly Dunks All Over His Girlfriend In Greatest Target Shopping Trip Ever


Qias Omar loves basketball and he REALLY love March Madness so rather than whine about going shopping with his girlfriend at Target he brought along a plastic ball so he could perform highlight reel moves on her and her shopping cart.

people are dumb

People Are Already Waiting In Line For Best Buy’s Thanksgiving Sale


Getty Image/Spencer Platt Two people near Los Angeles, California are already in line at Best Buy for their Thanksgiving sale.

us maps

U.S. Map Shows What Product Each State Buys the Most on eBay


Delaware and Connecticut have some 'splaining to do.


We can all relate to these men who are completely miserable while their wives are shopping


Going shopping with the girl in your life is perpetually one of the worst things men can endure.


22 Reasons Every Guy Should Hate Black Friday


Now that Halloween is over, it is time to start getting ready for the single greatest day of the year, Black Friday.


10 Horrifying Things You Didn’t Know About Black Friday


What "Black Friday" means to a bro is simple.

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