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15 Things to Know Before You Go Shooting with Your Bros

If you’re done bonding with your friends over video games and movies, give shooting a chance this weekend.

Watch Deron Williams Put On One of the Greatest Shooting Displays You’ll Ever See

Deron Williams set an NBA record last night by hitting 9 three-pointers in the second half. He got right down to business, hitting seven of

That Insane Moment a 76ers Fan Shoots Bulls Fan Because He Gloated About Their Victory on the Subway

This is why we can't have nice things...

Marine Shows What It Looks Like To Fire a Gun Underwater

When I first saw this picture I initially thought he blew a jelly fish's brains out, and that made me happy -- I hate those

Here’s Dane Cook Telling a Joke About the Colorado Movie Theater Massacre

Presented without comment, because, well, you’ll probably take care of that part.

The Heartbreaking Last Tweets and Blog Post from Aurora Shooting Victim Jessica Ghawi

For those of us who spend our work days dawdling around on blogs and social media, there's a special kinship we feel for others who

Pacman Jones Owes $11.6 Million to Victims of Las Vegas Shooting

You probably remember the 'Pacman Jones is the worst person alive' craze a few years back, most of which stemmed from a particularly nasty incident

This Man Is Working On a Darwin Award Nomination…

This wasn't very smart...

This Could Be the Worst Shooting Performance During a Halftime Contest in Our Lifetime

The contest: Within 24 seconds you have to make a layup, free throw, 3-pointer, and half-court shot. On the line: a brand new

This is What It Looks Like to Use a Porsche 911 for Target Practice

High on my list of "problems I'd like to have" is owning an $80,615 Porsche 911, then getting bored with it, and finally, being financially

VIDEO: Dude with No Arms Shoots a .45 Handgun with His Feet

Unfortunately, there's not a whole lot of back story behind this video of an armless guy named "Michael" firing off rounds of a 1911 .45