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These ‘Muddy’ Adidas Running Shoes are Dumb

Look at these.

You Won’t Believe How Many People Are Willing To Steal A $5000 Pair Of Yeezy Shoes From A Homeless Guy In This Video

People suck.

These Special Edition NBA-Branded Shoes Practically Bleed America

Fly look.

6 Kinds of Shoes All Men Should Have In Their Closet If They Want to Get Laid

What do women want? Well...we may never know, but a good guess is always “shoes.”

Look At This Ridiculous Air Jordan 1 Golf Shoes

Step 1. Roll into the country club wearing these Air Jordan One golf shoes.

What Your Shoe Choice Tells Everyone About You

What do you notice first about a person? The way they walk? Their handshake? Their smile? Something else? I might be the strangest fucking person

Shoe Designer Releases Nike Concept Cleats for Johnny Manziel, They’re Hot

Now that Johnny Manziel has his team he needs a set of cleats so when he takes the field for the Cleveland Browns, or backs

Macklemore Received Some Salmon-Colored Custom Jordans

Nice kicks.

Manu Ginobili’s Shoe Died in Horrific Fashion Last Night


O.J. Mayo Abandons Defense to Tie Shoe, It Doesn’t Work Out

  One problem many people have with the NBA is the perception that players don’t exactly kill themselves in the […]

Nike’s New Air Yeezy 2 Red October Sneakers by Kanye West Are Selling on eBay for $5,000

  Are you a sneakerhead sitting on $5,000 that you don’t know how to spend? Good news! This afternoon at 1:00 PM […]

Cam Newton Just Changed the Cleat Game with These Custom Superhero Shoes

Cam Newton is no stranger to custom cleats. 

LeBron James Left an Embarrassing Skid Mark on the Court

Growing up, I had an anal retentive gym teacher who would lose his shit if anyone defied his unflinchingly rigid "non-marking soles only" rule.

8 Terrible Sneakers Worn By NBA Centers

Having one’s own signature shoe has become as big a part of being an NBA star as anything else. But there’s a great inequity still

16 Ways to Keep Your Sperrys from Smelling Gross

Hey Bros! Boatshoe Bobby here. I've been drinking gimlets in Nantucket all summer, asking all the blondes on the island the most enduring question of our

Colin Kaepernick’s Shoe Collection is ROBUST

Someone needs to remind Colin Kaepernick that he's only got two feet on his body. 

Rate Carmelo Anthony’s New Custom Jordans

Melo's Air Jordans are a giant steaming pot of dopesauce. Siiick kicks, Melo.

Guess What NBA Player Needs Two U-Hauls for His Sneaker Collection?

That's just seems... excessive. 

What Your Footwear Says About You: From Boat Shoes To Desert Boots

Footwear. Some guys put zero thought into it. Others prance around in the mirror trying on different pairs of Sperry’s for an hour. Either way,

Google Unveils a Talking ‘Google Sneaker’ Because Google Does Whatever the Hell Google Wants

Google continues to never be satisfied and at SXSW they unveiled a new talking shoe that connects to your Android smartphone and gives you it's

‘Gotta Be the Shoes’: ESPN Celebrates Michael Jordan’s 50th Birthday

In less than a week, the G.O.A.T. Michael Jordan turns 50-years-old (that is unfathomable to me) and ESPN is using the milestone to reflect on

A Tradition Unlike Any Other: People Riot Outside Mall for Air Jordans

There is no tradition more American than rioting over sneakers.

Do You Like These Cork-Infused LeBron James Shoes?

LeBron James waited a long time to pop champagne and celebrate his first championship. Nike, on the other hand, wasted no time making shoes to

Air Jordan 4 Military Blue Colorway to Drop Saturday June 9th

For all you serious collectors out there -- or casual Michael Jordan devotees -- the Air Jordan 4 (Military Blue) are coming back around and

Air Yeezy IIs Going for $90,000 on eBay (7 Pics)

This is possibly a publicity stunt, but the rights to preorder a pair of Air Yeezy IIs are currently going for $90,000 on eBay.

5 Ways a Bro Can Revamp His Wardrobe To Get More Ass

Sup, breaux. It seems that 4/20 week (month) got the best of me as I sat on the couch, hardly able to form coherent enough thoughts

Nike Shoe Designer Uses Derrick Rose Injury to Troll Adidas

Reigning NBA MVP Derrick Rose went down in the closing minutes of the Chicago Bulls’ victory over the Philadelphia 76ers on Saturday and we soon

10 Skateboarding Sneakers For People Who Can’t Stand Skateboarders

Generally speaking, skateboarding makes us go "meh" in a big way. However, there are plenty of kicks out there marketed toward boarders worth coping,

Bring on Baseball: Top 5 Ken Griffey Sneakers to Rock this Spring

Baseball season is right around the corner and what better way to get pumped for baseball season then by arming yourself with a pair

Riot Police Called After Shoe Release Gets Real Ugly

Riot police had to break up a rowdy crowd outside an Orlando Foot Locker last night as excitement over the Nike Air Foamposite

Nike’s New Flyknit Shoes Look Like Socks, Are Poised for Olympic Glory

Nike's newest footwear innovation will turn heads at this summer's Olympic Games in London. Dubbed "Flyknit," the ultra-lightweight shoes rely on yarn, cable and

Is Nike’s Releasing Marty McFly’s ‘Nike Air Mags’ from ‘Back to the Future II’?

“Power Laces! Alriiight!” That's what Marty McFly joyously exclaimed when he snapped into a pair of Nike Air Mags in 1989's "Back to

The Seven Most Significant Moments in Steve Jobs’ Footwear History

You know the look: Black turtleneck tucked into a belt-less pair of crinkled Levis 501s and sneakers. Vintage Steve Jobs. In 1997, shortly after

The Nike ShoeZeum Has Over 2000 Shoes

This story, about a crazed sneaker fan turned museum curator, comes to us by way of The High Definite.  The Nike ShoeZeum is

The 25 Best Turf Dogs of All Time

A few weeks ago our friends over at Warrior were kind enough to send us some of their new lifestyle shoes, the Hound Dogs, to