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Human Garbage Disposal Shoenice Has a Rap Song

Our old friend Shoenice is now a rapper. God help us all.

Shoenice Takes on the Notoriously Awful ‘Salt and Ice Challenge,’ and That’s Gonna Leave a Mark

In the words of the human? himself, "OWWWWWWWWWWWW."

Shoenice Eats a Beer-Soaked Tampon Before the SPAC Phish Show

My two favorite things in life: Phish and Shoenice22 eating ridiculous things for other people's entertainment. Here he is devouring a beer-soaked tampon in the

Shoenice Pounds a Bottle of Frank’s RedHot Xtra Hot Sauce In 10 Seconds

Shoenice's 2012 Bodily Destruction Tour rolls on, this time gulping down a bottle of Frankts Xtra Hot Sauce in 10 seconds. You will

Watch This Guy Drink a Bottle of Vodka in 15 Seconds

I hope you had a fantastic St. Patty's Day weekend which included plenty of drinking and merriment. I imagine that there was plenty

Man Who Eats Soap, Tampons, and Deodorant Upstages His Eating With His Own Comments

Meet YouTube user ShoeNice22. I just stumbled upon his page and it is something else. The guy loves eating household products, flowers, dirt, soaps, deodorants,