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Watch Shoenice Eat a Cactus in Public

We're posting this video for two reasons: 1. It's a man eating a cactus, which is something you don't see every day. 2. It confirms

Bro Slams Entire Bottle of Jose Cuervo Silver Tequila in Under a Minute

It's Shoenice as you've always seen him before -- ingesting stupid shit for someone's sake. Whose sake? We are not quite sure, but some day

Dude Sets World Record, Drinks 750ml Bottle of Vodka in 9.6 Seconds

Shoenice. It's been a hot second since we've had him on the site and by the sounds of his voice in the beginning of the

Human Garbage Disposal Shoenice Has a Rap Song

Our old friend Shoenice is now a rapper. God help us all.

Shoenice Drinks An Inch of Hot Liquid Candle Wax

No one, and I mean NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON ON EARTH, takes more interesting dumps than this guy. I've never seen a movement of his,

Shoenice Allegedly Slammed a Bottle of Everclear in 13 Seconds

It's been... /looks at clock...  holy shit! It's been 16 days since we last featured a Shoenice video! This will never do.

Shoenice Chugs Entire Bottle of Ciroc Vodka in 28 Seconds

You'd think Shoenice would have figured out how to make these videos by now. I mean, after 296 videos you'd think that, right? Nope, not

Masked Weirdo Tries to Drink an Entire Can of PAM

Looks as though Shoenice has some new competition in his field of injesting retarded things on YouTube for profit. This new character is called Ted

Shoenice Engulfs Entire Bottle of Crown Royal in 26 Seconds

We haven't posted anything from our old buddy Shoenice in a while but when I noticed he performed a chugging of Crown Royal I decided

Shoenice Eats a Beer-Soaked Tampon Before the SPAC Phish Show

My two favorite things in life: Phish and Shoenice22 eating ridiculous things for other people's entertainment. Here he is devouring a beer-soaked tampon in the

Shoenice Eats a Box of Snappers, Says Eating Stunts Cancelled ‘For a Few Days’

Our favorite daredevil, Shoenice, is back! This time, he had the terrific idea of eating a box of snappers (he calls them "Pop Rocks from

Shoenice Eats Jar of Vegemite in 2 Minutes

While this may not be the most extreme stunt Shoenice has done, let's just give the guy a hand for still counting himself among the

Watch Shoenice Drink a Bottle of Rumple Minze in 15 Seconds

Our favorite foodie is back and this time he’s drinking a bottle of 100-proof Rumple Minze in 15 seconds.

BroBible Asks: Is Shoenice For Real?

Andy Moore: Occasionally there will arise a subject so controversial, so important, that a meeting of the minds must be held.

Shoenice Eats a Cheeseburger With the Wrapper Still On; Cherish Him While He’s Still Alive

OK, this is getting ri-goddam-diculous. Shoenice eats a cheeseburger with the wrapper on. It’s not a cry for attention. It’s a cry for help. Make

Shoenice Returns to Chug a Bottle of Bacardi 151

I’ve got to give props where props are due. Shoenice can chug/eat just about anything you hand him. But we get it, dude, you have

Shoenice Pounds a Bottle of Frank’s RedHot Xtra Hot Sauce In 10 Seconds

Shoenice's 2012 Bodily Destruction Tour rolls on, this time gulping down a bottle of Frankts Xtra Hot Sauce in 10 seconds. You will

Dude Drinks Entire Bottle of Jagermeister in 30 Seconds, Promptly Eats Toilet Paper to Avoid Puking

F*ckin' Shoenice. Continuing to do God's work to himself. This time he slugs an entire bottle of Jagermeister and then he proceeds to

Dude Drinks Entire Bottle of Mrs. Butterworth’s Syrup, Educates About Her Glass Breasts

This Shoenice cat is on another planet. Dude eats more foreign sh*t than the stars of Two Girls One Cup. It's like he

Watch This Guy Drink a Bottle of Vodka in 15 Seconds

I hope you had a fantastic St. Patty's Day weekend which included plenty of drinking and merriment. I imagine that there was plenty

Man Uncaps and Drinks 3 Budweisers in 30 Seconds—Without His Hands

In April, J. Camm introduced us to a guy named Shoenice, who likes to eat things like soap, tampons, and deodorant, and hilariously