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The Gorgeous Shay Maria Dances On the Beach In a Bikini

Shay Maria... It's been far, far, far too long... You have no idea how happy we are to have you back in our lives... 

Shay Maria Dancing in a Bikini? Shay Maria Dancing in a Bikini

Shay Maria: Not unattractive! Shay Maria in a bikini, dancing to EDM: Not un-fun to watch!

How About Another Yet Another Video of Shay Maria Dancing In an Airplane Hanger in Lingerie?

Aw, hell yeah. Let's end an epic Tuesday with Part III Shay Maria "Those Planes You've Been Driving." Once again, our favorite viral

How About Another Video of Shay Maria Dancing In an Airplane Hanger, This Time in Lingerie?

So... How about that video of Shay Maria in an airplane hanger yesterday? Good stuff, right? It gets better. Today the

Does Shay Maria Dancing In an Airplane Hanger Sound Like Your Idea of a Good Time?

Pretty obvious answer here: YES. Our buddies from Kaloopy sent over a new stop-motion video of Shay Maria dancing around an

Shay Maria’s Latest Stop-Motion Video: ‘Keep on Straight Ahead’

I have to be honest: These Shay Maria stop-motion videos continue to be one of the best things to happen to the Internet

The 15 Hottest Videos of Shay Maria

For no reason at all, we thought you needed some eye-candy this afternoon deal with those post-Halloween blues. Sans perhaps only Kate Upton, there