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LA Bros: Wanna Get Paid $$$ For Sharing Your Ridiculous Shaving Horror Stories?

LA Bros! We have an opportunity to make some $$$$.

Science Says That If Your Girl Waxes Or Shaves Her Pubes, She’s More Likely To Get And Spread Herpes

I'm so torn.

Miley Cyrus Shaved Her Eyebrows Off and It’s Freaking Me the F-Out

Ummm... Miley Cyrus, what in the hell happened to your eyebrows?! She looks like one of those aliens that allegedly landed at Roswell in the

The Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler

By now, you've likely seen the Gillette TV spots starring Andre 3000, Adrian Brody and that dude with too many names and featuring Gillette's new

How to Get Out of a Hairy Situation: Five Ways to Get a Girl to Shave Downtown

O.K., Bros, I'm sure we've all been there: You're hooking up with a girl and things are going well, so you start to slide your

The Dollar Shave Club’s Viral Ad Is Pretty Brotastic

For a company who's schtick is getting you to pay a dollar a month to have razors delivered, Dollarshaveclub.com sure has a decent