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Sochi’s Super Unsafe Slopestyle Course Got the GoPro Video Treatment

Remember yesterday, when we said that Sochi’s Slopestyle course was so dangerous that they had to alter it for riders’ […]

After Multiple Injures, the Sochi Snowboarding Course Was Deemed Too Dangerous

Another day, another great story out of Sochi (by great I mean terrible, although the constant stream of bad news […]

Shaun White Wearing a GoPro on a Halfpipe Run May Induce Vomiting

2014 will be the year of the GoPro. 

Watch Shaun White Win the Snowboard Snowpipe Final with This Run

Anyone else remember when Shaun White was the freakishly talented 15-year-old snowboarder who stunned everyone at the Winter X Games 11 years ago? It's still

Shaun White Arrested For Public Intoxication and Vandalism in Nashville

My, that's quite the shiner.

Which Girl From This Week’s Hottie Index Will Start Dating Shaun White Next?

Fresh off her appearance in last week’s Hottie Index, Bar Rafaeli was seen canoodling with Olympic gold medalist Shaun White this week. Maybe she was

Afrojack Dumps Paris, And Shaun White Killin’ It With Sexiest Woman Alive

We may not hawk tabloids like a BBM-crazed sophomore girl sporting greek yogurt and a full-on sweat-suit, but yesterday’s rumor mill certainly caught our eye.

Shaun White Scores the First Perfect 100 in X-Games History on the Snowboard Superpipe

Shaun White dominated the Superpipe at the 2012 X Games, handily winning the gold before his fourth and final run. But, rather than