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Verne Troyer Has Gotten His Hands on a Child-Sized Shark Costume


Insane Moment a Man Jumps Into Sydney Harbor Wearing a GoPro and Lands Next to a Great White Shark

Nature, you still scary as shit.

Fisherman Catches the Most Horrific-Looking Shark You’ll Ever See

It's called a "goblin shark" and it could be Stephen King's worst nightmare.

There Is a 16-Foot-Long Great White Shark Off the Coast of Australia, Because Australia Is Horrifying

A shark so enormous it literally triggered satellite monitoring devices was just found off the coast of Australia.

Teen Poses with Picture of a Dead Shark, Pisses Off Entire Country of Australia

This is what happen when you do things for shock value on social media. Also: Sharks are awesome.

Bros Catch 14ft Hammerhead Shark Off Beach, Take Photos With It

Bros bein Bros, dragging hammerhead sharks onto the beach, taking a few profile-pic-worthy photos and releasing that son of a bitch back into the wild.

Australian Bro Almost Gets Eaten By a Giant Shark, Screams Like a Little Girl

Ermahgerd! Ermahgerd! Ermahgerd!!!! Do you think this Australian Bro shit his pants when a shark swam up that close to him? That […]

Badass Doctor Fights Shark, Patches Wound, Drinks Beer

He didn't even take a day off from work, either. What a badass motherfucker. 

Shark Photobombs 2 Boys At California Beach

The best photobombs are the one that include a fantastic sense of impending doom. 

You Can Star in ‘Sharknado 2’

Were you one of America's cultural thought leaders who live-tweeted Sharknado as though you were an intrepid reporter breathlessly telefaxing dispatches from the Senate Watergate hearings?

California Surfer Films Pants-Pissing Moment a Great White Shark Swims Under His Board

This is TURRRRIFYING. I don't know how people keep their cool in this situation. I couldn't do it. I'd fall right off the board, piss and

This Photo of a Shark That Ate Another Shark Will Blow Your Mind

It's a shark within a shark! Sharks meet Inception. A "Turducken of the sea," if you will. This incredible dogfish pic comes via a Facebook update from University

You Know, Just a Diver Balancing a Hypnotized Shark on His Hand

You’re going to want to see this because it’s a guy balancing a 15-foot shark on his goddamned hand.

Tara Reid Tries to Define ‘Whale Shark,’ Makes a Complete Fool Out of Herself

Tara Reid was the highlight of Tuesday night's Shark Week programming, topping off Discovery's Shark After Dark talk show with one of the dumbest rambles about "whale

25 People Who Really Really Really Love Shark Week

For those living under a rock, the television gods have once again descended upon us for another installment of the yearly celebration that is Shark

5 Reasons Every Bro Loves Shark Week: A Tribute

Yes, seven nights of Shark programming is absolutely ridiculous. That’s what defines greatness and greatness is what defines Shark Week. That is why we f-ing

‘Twas The Night Before Shark Week

Let's celebrate the most Bro week of the year with a poem.

Fisherman Climbs Inside Shark, Comes Away with Craziest Photo You’ll See All Year

At an unknown date, a fisherman gutted a shark, climbed inside its stomach, and asked to be photographed while stabbing the catch in the eye.

Drew Rosenhaus Wrestled a Shark, Lived to Brag About It

Agent to the stars Drew Rosenhaus wrestled a shark. Good people everywhere were pulling for the shark, but alas, ol’ NEXT QUESTION escaped without injury.

This ‘Shark Week’ Commercial Is Great

Fact: Bros freakin' love Shark Week, so much so that they'll do crazy drinking games during it. Poor Snuffy the Seal. 

Chompy the Shark Scares the Sh*t Out of Fisherman in Kayak

Sharks are awesome. Sharks are terrifying. This is a paradox. 

WOAH: Watch a Blood-Thirsty Great White Shark Penetrate Shark-Proof Cage

During this video, either the man holding the camera (vertically, damnit!), or someone else in the boat yells, "HOLY F*CKBALLS." It's appropriate.

Old Bro Wrestles Shark Away from Children on an Australian Beach

We retired "Bro of the Week" a long time ago (none of you f*ckers read it), but if we still had it, I'd nominate this

Dudes Prank Their Friend By Pushing Him Overboard in Shark Infested Waters

Hilarious gag! 

There’s a Photo of a Shark Swimming Around Brigantine New Jersey, Real or Hoax?

The photo above is a hoax, we know that. But CNN has a photo showing a shark swimming in the streets of a flooded New

This Man Has Achieved His Man Status, Plus Your Best Links of the Day

This man is a hero. Image via.

This Supercut of ‘Best Shark Attacks in Movies’ Doesn’t Disappoint

Sharks and film. A relationship that blossomed following the summer smash-hit "Jaws," an undeniable thriller that scared non-Bros from swimming for quite a few years.

The Very Best of the ‘Compassionate Shark Bros’ Meme (40 Pics)

Fact: Sharks are the Bros of the sea. We'll have more about that in a little bit. In the meantime, we just came across the

Shark Steals a Diver’s Camera… Like a Boss

This is why sharks are the undisputed kings of the ocean. World famous shark expert Jim Abernethy was diving with a school of tiger sharks

Want to See a Giant Flipping 800-Pound Mako Shark?

Yes, you do.

Get Pumped for ‘Shark Week’ with a Jawesome Pump-Up Video from Discovery

Few television events capture our imagination quite like "Shark Week." It's appointment television, and not just because it makes for an awesome drinking game. Doubly

Head’s Up, Surfers: Man Chomped in Half by Great White Shark off Australian Coast

It's been a big week for nature's greatest killing machine, the shark, who was last seen stealing this girl's lunch and terrifying these spear fisherman.

Again, Just Wait For It… (Video)

What have we done to anger all the sharks?!

Just Wait For It… (Video)

I'd say more, but I don't want to ruin the element of surprise... 

Life’s Too Short to be Boring, Say Parents Who Let 5-Year-Old Kid Swim With Sharks

That’s an amazing quote. They must be amazing people.

The Trailer for ‘Jersey Shore Shark Attack’ Must be Seen

When future generations look back at the cinema of this age, certain things will stick out. Daniel Day-Lewis’ subtlety. Christian Bale’s versatility. Michael Bay’s explosions.

Apropos of Nothing, Here’s a Shark Giving a Diver a High Five

Sure, they can high five, but can they fist bump?

Sharks Eating Other Sharks, Shooter McGavin, a Game Called Death Pong, and Tebow vs. Lin

In case you haven't noticed, I like to engage our readers. I'm all about user interaction. F*cking practically in love with it. Probably why I

A Surfer In Oregon Stood On a Great White Shark’s Back

Doug Niblack just wanted to catch one last ride, brah, before heading to work. Instead, he rode a great white shark.

The Carbrook Golf Course in Brisbane, Australia Has Shark Infested Waterhazards

Here are two videos of the sharks that live on Carbook Golf Course in Brisbane, Australia. Perhaps you remember when we first posted about it