Straya’n Mate Hops Right On The Fecken Backava Tigah Shark—Because Australians Are Insane


The thing I love the most about this video of a man jumping from a dock onto the back of a deadly tiger shark is that it wouldn't happen anywhere other than Australia.


Get A Glimpse Inside The Mouth Of A Man Eater As This Deadly Tiger Shark Swallows A GoPro


Though tiger sharks by nature are not man eaters, they're known for being extremely casual when it comes to choosing their next meal.


Crusty Hippie From Sweden Sets Kayak Fishing World Record With 1,225lb Greenland Shark


A remarkably crusty hippie hailing from Sweden by the name of Joel Abrahamsson has demolished the all-tackle kayak fishing world record when he reeled in a 1,225-pound Greenland Shark.


Bro Films Feeding Frenzy Of Over 100 Sharks Nailing Bluefish On The Beach Off N.C.


An avid fisherman captured this incredible footage at Cape Lookout National Seashore off North Carolina of over 100 sharks in a massive feeding frenzy, throwing themselves on to the beach, and ravaging bluefish.


Kayak Fisherman Shocked When Bull Shark Jumps Out Of Water To Steal His Fish


Angler Jason Downs was fishing from his kayak near Navarre Beach in Florida and reeling in a 10-pound grouper when he was greeted by a bull shark jumping out of the water to steal his catch.

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Some Hippie Caught a 1247lb Shark Fishing in Greenland…from a Kayak


This man who goes by the name of Joel Kayakangler is in Greenland filming his kayak fishing adventures, and just caught a 1247LB SHARK from his measly kayak.


Goliath grouper swallows shark in one gulp, fishermen nearly crap themselves


Here we see several a$$hole fishermen playing with their catch, and end up getting a juvenile shark killed.

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Only in Australia: Great white shark swallows adult sea lion and chokes to death


Only in Australia do we get to see footage of a great white shark eating and swallowing an adult sea lion, only to choke on it and wash up on shore two days later.

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Check Out This Cannibal Shark Putting Other Sharks On Notice


Someone at SyFy probably already completed the script for Cannibal Sharks: The Movie.


Drone captures incredible footage of a surfer inches from being taken out by a shark


Just out for a leisurely paddle ride when up pops a shark and NOPE.

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