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Let This Video Teach You Why Discovery Channel’s ‘Shark Week’ Has Become A Steaming Load Of Crap

Dirty filthy liars over at the Discovery Channel.

The Official Drinking Game of Shark Week

A reader emailed us last night with a friendly reminder that this week is Shark Week (on the Discovery Channel).

This Photo of a Shark That Ate Another Shark Will Blow Your Mind

It's a shark within a shark! Sharks meet Inception. A "Turducken of the sea," if you will. This incredible dogfish pic comes via a Facebook update from University

Tara Reid Tries to Define ‘Whale Shark,’ Makes a Complete Fool Out of Herself

Tara Reid was the highlight of Tuesday night's Shark Week programming, topping off Discovery's Shark After Dark talk show with one of the dumbest rambles about "whale

5 Reasons Every Bro Loves Shark Week: A Tribute

Yes, seven nights of Shark programming is absolutely ridiculous. That’s what defines greatness and greatness is what defines Shark Week. That is why we f-ing

‘Twas The Night Before Shark Week

Let's celebrate the most Bro week of the year with a poem.

This ‘Shark Week’ Commercial Is Great

Fact: Bros freakin' love Shark Week, so much so that they'll do crazy drinking games during it. Poor Snuffy the Seal. 

This Autotuned Remix ‘Bite of the Great White’ Is a Fitting Capper to Shark Week

Shark Week. Where did you go? You burst into our lives just seven short days ago, making yourself at home in our living rooms and

Presenting Your Shark Survival Guide: 6 Things To Do During SHARK WEEK

Discovery’s SHARK WEEK--always a highlight of the summer--premieres on Sunday, August 12th at 9pm ET/PT. As ambassadors to the Brommunity at large, we feel it

Shark Steals a Diver’s Camera… Like a Boss

This is why sharks are the undisputed kings of the ocean. World famous shark expert Jim Abernethy was diving with a school of tiger sharks

Get Pumped for ‘Shark Week’ with a Jawesome Pump-Up Video from Discovery

Few television events capture our imagination quite like "Shark Week." It's appointment television, and not just because it makes for an awesome drinking game. Doubly

Kite Surfer Kills Sharks, Fights Exhaustion While Stuck at Sea for Two Days

"I was stabbing them in the eyes, the nose and gills," kite surfer turned survivor man, Jan Lisewski, said of the night he was attacked

Meanwhile in Austrailia, Record-Breaking Sharks are Being Caught

At a game-fishing competition in Australia earlier this month, 27-year-old Brett Sinclair broke the world record for the biggest catch ever on a 6kg fishing

This Rap Parody ‘Shark Week Back’ Sadly Proves Our Favorite Week of the Year Has Jumped the Shark

Let me be clear: I love Shark Week. I have for years. Like, before Tracy Morgan said, "Live every week like it's Shark

Diver Kisses Shark; Shark Kisses Back Using Its Teeth

Hey, it's Shark Week, so this seems appropriate, right? That said, what kind of aderinaline freak do you have to be to find kissing sharks

Shark Week 2012: Behind the Scenes

Who's ready? Click for the slideshow, via Discovery. 

Watch a Huge Hammerhead Shark Eat a Blacktip Shark While Being Reeled In

If there's ever a reason to get a bigger boat, this is it. A few guys on a fishing trip hook a six foot blacktip

The 20 Most Intimidating Fictional Sharks of All Time

  TV during the summer pretty much sucks. Shark Week, however, does not suck. If you've spent the past week glued to the Discovery Channel's tales

Jersey Shore’ vs. Shark Week: Why Choose?

Here's what's worth watching tonight: 8 p.m.: "Jaws of the Pacific"; "Wipeout" (ABC); "Big Brother" (CBS); "Community" (NBC); "Talladega Nights" (TBS); "Homecoming with Rick Reilly: Emmitt