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Check Out This Cannibal Shark Putting Other Sharks On Notice

Someone at SyFy probably already completed the script for Cannibal Sharks: The Movie.

Shark Steals a Diver’s Camera… Like a Boss

This is why sharks are the undisputed kings of the ocean. World famous shark expert Jim Abernethy was diving with a school of tiger sharks

Again, Just Wait For It… (Video)

What have we done to anger all the sharks?!

Just Wait For It… (Video)

I'd say more, but I don't want to ruin the element of surprise... 

Watch an Australian Shark Whisperer Tame a Great White Shark Like a Playful Puppy

Sure this is a little old, but what better way to get the day started than with some shark badassary? In an Australian Geographic TV

Finally, a Riveting 3D Movie About a Shark that Lives in a Lake (Again)!

Yes! From the producers of "Hostel" and "The Texas Chainsaw" comes another popcorn sharksploitation flick in the vein of "Shark vs. Octopus." Yesterday the trailer

Watch a Huge Hammerhead Shark Eat a Blacktip Shark While Being Reeled In

If there's ever a reason to get a bigger boat, this is it. A few guys on a fishing trip hook a six foot blacktip

Water Hazard on Australian Golf Course Has Bull Sharks Swimming in It

If you're an avid viewer of Animal Planet's "River Monsters," you might recall the episode in the first season when Jeremy Wade went in search

‘Like’ BroBible on Facebook & Enter for a Chance to Win a ‘Shark Men’ Prize Pack

On Sunday, April 10, at 9 p.m. ET, "Shark Men" season two kicks off on the National Geographic Channel. The show a must-watch for any

Big Ass 375-Pound Shark Jumps Into Fisherman’s 25-Foot Boat

This is one of the best fish tales we've heard in a while. Jason Kresse of Freeport, Texas was chumming (read: throwing fish guts) in

Huge Basking Shark Gives Panama City Kayaker a Damn Good Fish Story

You know what'd be scary as hell? You're spending a relaxing day kayaking in the Gulf Coast, enjoying the breeze and paddling peacefully. Everything is