Crusty Hippie From Sweden Sets Kayak Fishing World Record With 1,225lb Greenland Shark


A remarkably crusty hippie hailing from Sweden by the name of Joel Abrahamsson has demolished the all-tackle kayak fishing world record when he reeled in a 1,225-pound Greenland Shark.


Badass Texas Angler Just Shot A World Record 809.5lb Mako Shark With A Fucking Bow And Arrow

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Texas angler and host of the hunting show 'Predator Pursuit' Jeff Thomason just bagged a world record 809.


Noodlin’ For Sharks: Man Jumps In The Ocean And Pulls Shark Out With Bare Hands

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So this isn't quite noodling in the traditional sense of sticking your hands in a dark hole and pulling out a big ass catfish, instead it's the ocean and a deadly shark.

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Some Hippie Caught a 1247lb Shark Fishing in Greenland…from a Kayak


This man who goes by the name of Joel Kayakangler is in Greenland filming his kayak fishing adventures, and just caught a 1247LB SHARK from his measly kayak.

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