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Check Out This Cannibal Shark Putting Other Sharks On Notice

Someone at SyFy probably already completed the script for Cannibal Sharks: The Movie.

Great White Shark Attacks a Tiny Boat


Chill Seal Ain’t Care About Sharks

Most seals would FREAK when a shark came calling. Not this guy. He just hopped on for a ride. 

Head’s Up, Surfers: Man Chomped in Half by Great White Shark off Australian Coast

It's been a big week for nature's greatest killing machine, the shark, who was last seen stealing this girl's lunch and terrifying these spear fisherman.

Cape Cod Kayak Trip All Fun and Games Until Great White Shark Shows Up

Dana Richardson was just out getting his kayak on off the shores of Cape Cod yesterday when sh*t got really real.

Just a Video of Sharks Attacking a Whale

For some reason all I can think about, when I watch this video right now, is last call at the Princeton in Avalon. This is

Kite Surfer Kills Sharks, Fights Exhaustion While Stuck at Sea for Two Days

"I was stabbing them in the eyes, the nose and gills," kite surfer turned survivor man, Jan Lisewski, said of the night he was attacked

A Surfer In Oregon Stood On a Great White Shark’s Back

Doug Niblack just wanted to catch one last ride, brah, before heading to work. Instead, he rode a great white shark.