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Shaquille O’Neal Has a LinkedIn Profile, It’s Predictably Ridiculous

What's Shaq's best asset? Well, it's an asset that isn't actually an asset at all.

If You’ve Ever Wanted to See Shaquille O’Neal Smash a Guitar, Then Today’s Your Day

The day the music died.

Apparently Shaq Was Molested as a Child?

A source claims Shaq's ex-wife will be releasing a tell-all memoir.

Dwight Howard’s Shaquille O’Neal Impression is Pretty Stellar

Several mouth-breathing fans stuck around after the Houston Rockets-Milwaukee Bucks game to get Dwight Howard’s autograph. Not satisfied with just […]

Shaquille O’Neal Falling is the Video You Need to Get Through the Work Week

TNT’s “Inside the NBA” studio show purportedly covers basketball but there is also a fair amount of time devoted to complete nonsense. Last night the

Watch Shaquille O’Neal Take on a Two-Year-Old Basketball Phenom in a Shooting Contest

This was some of the most engrossing television we've seen in a while.

Adam Sandler Will Stop at Nothing to See Shaq’s Dick

For some reason, Adam Sandler became obsessed with seeing Shaquille O’Neal’s penis. He told Conan O’Brien about the development, and it was quite entertaining.

Here’s Every Second of Shaquille O’Neal’s Jersey Retirement Ceremony

Shaquille O’Neal had his number retired by the Los Angeles Lakers last night. The ceremony was equal parts funny, touching, and star-studded.

Shaq Has Made a Harlem Shake Video, Now the Meme Can Finally Die

My Harlem Shake exhaustion compels me to present this without comment.

Beyonce’s Halftime Performance Led to This Hilarious Shaq Sing-Along

Beyonce's halftime performance was pretty damn good. The reaction to it by the Internet—and any girls at your Super Bowl party—can best be called "Full Unrestrained

Random Act of Shaqness: O’Neal Dresses Up Like Prince, Belts Out ‘When Doves Cry’ with Kelly Ripa

Everything about this represents all that is awesome about off-the-court Shaquille O'Neal. The on-the-floor writhing is particularly what separates him from every other former legendary

Quick, Name One Thing Shaquille O’Neal Has That’s Bigger Than Yours

Props to this “Family Feud” contestant who said what we were all thinking.

Sports Links for July 3: The Jets Super Bowl Edition

Here's the best from our friends in the sports world today.

In 2007 Shaq Asked a Female Newsweek Reporter to Set Him Up with Rihanna Via Email

In 2007, a female writer for Newsweek, Allison Samuels, had a professional relationship with Shaq. She covered him for years and even helped his mother