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Shaq Just Took To Instagram To Tell All LeBron’s Haters To Get The Fuck Over Themselves

Question of the day: why does Shaq have an Instagram account?

Shaquille O’Neal Has a LinkedIn Profile, It’s Predictably Ridiculous

What's Shaq's best asset? Well, it's an asset that isn't actually an asset at all.

Shaquille O’Neal Says He Spends Over $1,000 a Week on Apps

In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, SXSW festival-goer Shaquille O'Neal revealed that he spends over $1,000 a week on apps.

Apparently Shaq Was Molested as a Child?

A source claims Shaq's ex-wife will be releasing a tell-all memoir.

Adam Sandler Will Stop at Nothing to See Shaq’s Dick

For some reason, Adam Sandler became obsessed with seeing Shaquille O’Neal’s penis. He told Conan O’Brien about the development, and it was quite entertaining.

Shaq Finally Gets Revenge on Aaron Carter from 2001’s ‘How I Beat Shaq’

"Upload" with Shaquille O'Neal is a series that just started airing on TruTV--the same channel behind the uproariously funny "Impractical Jokers" sketch show. From light

Shaq Has Made a Harlem Shake Video, Now the Meme Can Finally Die

My Harlem Shake exhaustion compels me to present this without comment.

Beyonce’s Halftime Performance Led to This Hilarious Shaq Sing-Along

Beyonce's halftime performance was pretty damn good. The reaction to it by the Internet—and any girls at your Super Bowl party—can best be called "Full Unrestrained

Shaq Disses Dwight Howard in a Rap So Bad It Makes You Wonder If Shaq’s Ever Heard Himself Rap

This is a fine example of why rich people shouldn't surround themselves with a bunch of "yes" men. Just look at his two lackeys on

Shaq Offered $1000 to the First Person Who Got a Tattoo of Charles Barkley Kissing Dick Bavetta

This past Thursday night on "Inside the NBA," Shaq said "I will pay one thousand dollars to anyone who gets a tattoo of that picture

10 Reasons Why TNT’s Shaq-ified ‘Inside the NBA’ Will Be the Best Sports Commentary Show of 2012

For any free agent acquisition, it’s as much about the player traded as it is the destination. That’s precisely why Shaq joining TNT’s "Inside

NBA Stars Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant and Shaq Love Pandas

Ahh the life of an NBA player, the money, the fame, the groupies, the pandas. NBA players live a privileged life that you can't even

Did Shaq Hire Seven Gang Members to Kidnap and Beat Up a Guy Who Claimed to Have His Sex Tapes?

Earlier this afternoon TMZ dropped a bombshell about recently retired future Hall of Famer Shaquille O'Neal. According to "law enforcement sources," Shaq allegedly hired seven

Our Bros of the Week Are All Heroes (Well, Not Really)

Bro of the Week time. Here goes nothing.     5. Blake Lively's Hacker Thanks for the mammaries, you faceless son of a b*tch.

Did Shaq Just Become the Best Retired Athlete?

Guy has been retired for 24 hours and yet he is dropping videos on Twitter like he has already gone stir crazy or he is

Shaq Retires on Twitter

Shaq just called it a day on Twitter. Here's a link to his video retirement message. After the jump, a non-basketball Shaq moment many of