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Confessions of an Inveterate Sexter

Just kinda ingrained in me, I guess.

I Met a Girl In an REI Store, We Exchanged Numbers, And Then She Texted Me This

Her back was almost as strong as her sext game.

Guys and Girls Share Their Embarrassing Sexting Mistakes

Sexting is everywhere these days: People are sexting at home, at work, in their cars, in their bathtubs.

Bro Sends Most Ridiculous Sext Ever to the Wrong Number

It seems like everyone on the planet is obsessed with sexting these days, even though it's probably against their better judgement.

No Big Deal, But the NSA Has Been Looking at the Nudes You’ve Been Sexting People

Hey, you know those "for-your-eyes-only" nudes you keep sexting your sexual partners?

Virginia Wants to Force a Teen Boy to Get Hard to See If His Dick Looks Like Another Dick

Not police overreach whatsover

You Can’t Call Yourself an Adult Man if You Use These 10 Emoticons

Much like first dibs on lifeboats, emoticons are a thing for women and children. Text already speaks for itself; that’s the entire point of it.

Girl Expertly Trolls Creep Trying to Sext Her On Facebook, Uses Only Smash Mouth Lyrics in Her Responses

Hey now, this chick's an all-star.

How To Sext Using Only Emojis

You need this guide, Bros.

9 Perfect Responses To Sexts

Nailed it.

Police in Virginia Bust Gigantic Teen Sexting Ring

Teens. Always with the sexting.

What Women Want You to Say When You Sext

What to—and more specifically— what not to say when sexting.

5 Ways an Ex Can Ruin Your Life With the Nude Photos You Texted Her

It's easy to avoid a shitstorm involving the nudes you sent an ex... just don't send 'em.

A Georgia Court Has Ruled Sending Unsolicited Dick Pics Is Legal

A Georgia court has determined that a man accused of sending an unsolicited dick pic to a woman did not […]

D.C. Man Changes the Dick Pic Game, Skips the Texting Part

A Washington, D.C. man was arrested this morning for allegedly walking up to women on the Metro and showing them […]

Half of All Americans Admit to Sexting

Which means that… what… almost a hundred percent of us are doing it? Because I’m sure a lot of people […]

Attention Bros: Girls Might Be Pranking You With This Trick When You Ask Them for Nudes

Let's say you texted a girl asking for nudes. And then you get all excited when she texts you back with a picture of what

British School Bans SnapChat Because Blokes Are Jokes

Eton College in England (which is actually a high school, what the fuck British people?), has banned the app SnapChat from its Wi-Fi network.  

Expert Ways To Deal With Sexts

Next time you want to get your sext on, look out for these replies... 

You’re Sexting and You Don’t Even Enjoy It

The youths love the sexting. I read about it in a trend piece. In the New York Times, I believe.

Smartphones Are Turning Teens Into Grunting Cavemen

Society is moving further from the days of Richie Cunningham sharing a milkshake with a date, and closer and closer to a moment in the future when

8 Disturbing Things We Just Learned About Sydney Leathers’s Shameless Sexting Strategy

Ever want to know the secrets behind a shameless serial sexter? Today is your day. Fresh off releasing a batch of HQ nudie pics, Anthony

Wanna See the Girl Anthony Weiner Was Sending Dick Pics to In a Thong?

Things got real cheeky between NYC mayor hopeful Anthony Weiner and his latest sexting partner -- TMZ has obtained a pic she sent to him

Sexting, Anthony Weiner, and a Porno Called ‘Don’t Pull Out’

Politics makes for strange -- and often unwanted --- bedfellows. That's especially true for Anthony Weiner, who is getting support from a Los Angeles pornographer.

How To Own 3 Common TEXTING Scenarios with Women

​Since this is such a popular topic, I’ve finally decided to put together a small eBook about texting. Today’s article will

11 Sexting Examples For Every Type of Person Out There

Including your Bro who's friend zone'd and Taylor Swift

How Your Texting Etiquette Affects Your Game

Can texting affect your game? It may sound ridiculous to you but having poor texting skills can determine whether or not you get laid. Have

Why You Shouldn’t Sext and Drive

Sexting and driving is a dangerous game, but when Jimmy Tatro brings a friend along (on the car ride) things get outright weird.

The Art of the Booty Call

It’s 2:17 am; do you know where your booty call is? It’s a Friday night and you’re out with the boys, tossing back vodka red

Do Chicks Save the Dick Pics Guys Send Them? Plus Should You Hook Up With Your Ex Over Break?

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The 50 Funniest Sexts of 2012

Screenshots of funny text messages have been online for years, but 2012 just might go down as the year funny text message exchanges between guys

4 Ways To Ensure Your Sexting Game Is On Point

When done correctly, sexting can be really hot. You’d be surprised how effective your words can be at making a girl desperately want to get

Do Girls Like Receiving Unsolicited Dick Pics? Plus What to Do After Getting Her Number at the Bar

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Girl Possibly Having an Affair Accidentally Texted Me, So I Said Disgusting Things to Her

This past Saturday night, while I was on my way to grab dinner with my girlfriend, I got a peculiar text message from an unknown

How to Score the Office Hottie, Plus What to Do When Your Ex Sends Naked Photos

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Dom Mazzetti vs. Texting

In his latest video, Dom gives invaluable advice on how to text with chicks.

Jenny McCarthy’s Sext Fail: 80-Year-Old Dentist Gets Her Naked Pictures

Being Jenny McCarthy’s dentist has some unusual perks, like getting to see the blonde bombshell naked. The actresses accidentally sent her dental-health provider a racy picture

What Booty-Call and Other Vague Texts Really Mean

While much easier than picking up the phone to call another human being, texting can be a very risky proposition when it comes to de-coding

Why Guys Ask Girls To Send Them Naked Photos, Odd Fetishes, and Unacceptable Places to Take a Crap

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Jose Canseco Uses Twitter to Creep On the Ladies

Jose Canseco's crazy Twitter habit is no secret. In fact, we've done a pretty good job documenting how batsh*t crazy he is in 140 characters