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6 Sex Hacks For Better Sex

Need to up your game in the bedroom, Bros?

17 Things You Didn’t Learn In Sex Ed

Sex Ed in this country is pretty much a joke.

27 Sex Myths You Need to Stop Believing

HAHAHAHAHA. You thought your little morning bang sesh counted as exercise. Guess again...

6 Sexual Positions You Only Use in College

College sex is weirder than what you'd find in a hoarder's basement.

Is Getting a Lap Dance From a Stripper Ever Considered Cheating?

What you call cheating, I call philanthropy.

Wife Of ‘Sex Spreadsheet’ Maker Finally Responds About Why She Never Wants to Have Sex

Remember the “Sex Spreadsheet” that surfaced last week created by a man frustrated that his wife always made excuses about […]

Woman Goes to Hospital in Severe Pain. You Might Too If You Left a Dildo Inside Yourself For 10 Fucking Years

Whether you like it or not, "I was drunk" is always an excuse.

Wife Keeps Kinky, Kinky Sex Diary of Her Sex Habits

This is way better than the husband that kept the Excel spreadsheet of the reasons his wife didn't have sex with him.

This Hot Bikini-Clad Floridian Was Arrested After Being Videotaped Having Sex On A Public Beach For Over 20 Minutes

If you're gonna get arrested for something, it might as well be this.

Bill Clinton Has a Mistress That His Secret Service Detail Refers to as the ‘Energizer’

"I am so shocked by this news." -Said no one ever, not even Hilary Clinton.

What Girls Thought Sex Was (When They Were Younger)

No joke, a girl in this video says she was kinda, sorta into the R. Kelly...

Pissy Husband Made An Excel Spreadsheet With All The Dates And Excuses Of Why His Wife Turned Him Down For Sex

"I'm watching a 'Friends' re-run, go masturbate or something this is important."

Pornhub ‘Hubby & Wife’ Shows How Terrifying Porn Would Be If It Only Consisted of Married Couples

I bet my life that this would be hot for someone. Not me, of course, but someone.

The Terrifying Story About the Time a Man Superglued His Hand to His Penis

Don't you just hate it when a tube of lube is really a tube of superglue?

5 Ways to Know If You’re His Girlfriend or His Side Chick

Always asking yourself "am I his girlfriend or not?" Ask no more!

Check Out These Hot, 19-Year-Old, Redheaded Twins Arrested for Prostitution

I would pay to have sex with them

6 Things Chicks Want From Men First Thing In the Morning

The list is composed of what men have done for me, and I want to pass on the positive tips to you.

This Couple Went to Chipotle, But Instead of Getting a Burrito, Fucked on the Roof

A different kind of filling.

14 Mind-Blowing Sex Facts You Won’t Believe Are True

Fact: If you don't use it, you really might lose it.

What If If Sex Was Like The World Cup?

It's all about flopping.

10 Worst Things Someone Can Say to You After Sex, According to ‘Star Wars’

One small, seemingly harmless comment after sex can ruin a person for life.

The Average Penis Size Is Not What You Think, Plus 19 More Misconceptions About Sex

With all the information on the web, we should all be experts by now, people.

Real Scientific Study Concludes Women Who Like Sex Have Sex Because They Like Sex

Science went into overdrive with this one.

My Slam Is AWFUL In Bed, How Do I Tell Her Without Destroying Her Life?

Answering the important questions as always.

7 Reasons To Have More Sex

It's pretty much a scientific fact that it's good for you and helps you relax, according to this wonderful video of sex facts.

Polish HIV Awareness Ad Likens Getting AIDS to Friending People on Facebook

Stop engaging in risky behavior online.

Chart Accurately Shows What Every Guy’s Girlfriend Thinks About His Penis Throughout Their Relationship

This is probably more accurate than any of us are willing to admit.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Vibrators

I know, bro. That damn toy your girl keeps hidden in one of her old purses can be intimidating, but do not fear the vibrator.

Is Getting a Happy Ending Considered Cheating?

A July 3rd mailbag. Look at me go, really earning my paycheck and shit.

Are You Part Of the 30% Of Men Who Don’t Know The 5 Ways To Please Women In Bed? Check Out This Survey To Find Out

No one's perfect, but forreal you can probably do better.

U.S. Map Shows What States Have the Most People Living With HIV

I hear Montana is lovely this time of year

Fleshlight Goes Digital, Changes Long-Distance Relationship Game

What soccer game?

‘Have You Had Sex With Someone You Met on the Internet?’: Jimmy Kimmel Continues to Ask the Tough Questions

  About fifty-percent of the people who answered Jimmy Kimmel’s question, “have you ever had sex with someone you met […]

The 5 Ways You’re Unknowingly Cockblocking Yourself

Shower as much as you want, the stench of failure never leaves.

13 Remarkable Sex Stats

People who use Twitter every day are way, way more likely to masturbate every day than people who use Facebook every day.

This Boat Captain Crashed His Boat Because He Was Too Busy With His Threeway

The man's got priorities.

This Study Says That Casual Sex Is Actually GOOD For You

The biggest scientific breakthrough of the year.

A LOT Of Soccer Players at the World Cup Aren’t Allowed to Have Sex

Well this sucks...

5 Sex Acts That Science Says Are Good For You

"The freakier the sex, the better it is for me, according to science."

All This Adorable Pig Wants Out of Life Is to Have Sex With the Arm Rest of This Chair

Poor guy. Wants what we all want.