sex ed

Boston University Has A ‘Harry Potter’-Themed Sex Ed Seminar


Harry Potter is the quintessential entertainment franchise of a generation.


Condom Stocks Soar 15% After South Korean High Court Decriminalizes ‘Adultery’


The highest court of South Korea has struck down an antiquated law concerning adultery.

worst sex scenes

The 10 Most Unintentionally Awkward Movie Sex Scenes Of All Time


Little tip: If you want to try to get your lady friend "in the mood" by watching a sexy movie, DON'T watch any of these films.


6 Horribly Awkward Sex Stories That Will Make You Want To Be Celibate For The Rest Of Your Life

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The movies will tell you that sex is this highly romanticized act that takes place between two people if and only if they’re destined to fall in love, pop out a bunch of kids and ride off happily into the sunset on a unicorn that farts rainbows.


This Woman Is Trying To Divorce Her Husband Because He Won’t Have Sex With Her Three Times A Day

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We’ve all heard the stories about how getting married = flaccid boners fo’ lyfe.

bad girlfriend stories

Guy Denies His Girlfriend Sex, So She Allegedly Pulls A Gun On Him, Because That’s Normal


Amazingly, this story of a man who told his girlfriend "no means no" when it came to having sex one night only the have her pull out a Ruger handgun and threaten to shoot him does not emanate from the great state of Florida.


This Woman Caught Her Husband Cheating On Her When She Found His NEW Wedding Photos On Facebook


Facebook is the source for thousands on thousands of relationships ending each and every day.


5 Reasons Why You Should Go For Sex On The First Date, According To Tasha Reign


A first date can be a lot of things: exciting, romantic, unexpected, nerve-racking, and on occasion, awkward.

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