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British Soccer Player Released From Team After Video Surfaces Of Him Banging A Fan In The Dugout After A Game


Yesterday, Jay Hart was a semi-professional soccer player for British club Clitheroe.

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Give This ‘Sex Move Name Generator’ A Whirl Then Try It Out On Your Girl Tonight


There are a lot of sex moves with weird names out there (many of them disturbing), but do you have a sex move of your own that needs a little personalization.


6 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About The Porn Industry, According To A Porn Star

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When it comes to pornography and the sex industry, generally those outside the small group of people who work within it, know very little about it.

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Couples Telling Their Parents How Many Sex Partners They’ve Had Is The MOST AWKWARD VIDEO EVER

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I couldn't even make it all the way through this video of couples telling their parents how many sexual partners they've had.


Guy Walks In On His Girlfriend After She Banged Another Dude And Things Just Get Worse For Him From There (w/Video)


Finding out that your girlfriend is in bed with another guy is probably not the best news to receive first thing in the morning.

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