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Why What You Wear Is All About Sex

As the YouTube video says, "You can't get naked unless you put clothes on first."

Jennifer Lawrence Fucks For All Her Roles… Says Lindsay Lohan

LiLo would know.

Women Review Guys’ Sex and Seduction Tips

Bros... According to these ladies, you're trying WAY, WAY too hard at your pick-up game.

What It’s Like to Direct Your First Adult Film (When You’re Also Starring In It)

It's quite the experience.

A New Study Has Determined What Kind of Adult Movies Women Like Best

You know you want to know.

Some Saint Rounded Up Stories About What Sex is Like On Every Drug

Well isn't this thoughtful?

VIDEO: This Dog Really Wanted to Fuck This Other Dog

Like, really.

Guys Explain to Girls What Makes a Girl Good In Bed

Guys answer the questions every girl has about their performance in bed. Ladies, react! We love it when things get intense...

Should a Bro Go to Yoga Classes to Pick Up Chicks?

Submit your Ask a Babe questions below.

Man Jailed for Six Months Over Loud Sex

Sucks when you get locked in the clink for showing some girl your O-face...

5 Terrifying Sex Toys That Prove We’re Overthinking Sex

We're no prudes around these parts, but there are some sex toys out there that just terrify.

The 13 Craziest Places People Have Admitted to Having Sex on Secret-Sharing App Whisper

Kissing and telling is nothing new, but in the digital age people are anonymously talking about the notches in their bedpost via secret sharing apps

This Woman Has 50 Orgasms a Day, Her Boyfriend Doesn’t Get to Enjoy Any of Them

Amanda Gryce has a rare condition called Persistent Sexual Arousal Disorder whereby she has 50 orgasms per day just by living a normal life.

Dikembe Mutombo Claims He Never Asked “Who Wants to Sex Mutombo?”

Finger wag.

The 7 Craziest Things Ever Done to Get Laid

A Czechoslovakian POW broke into a camp over and over again—for five years—to hook up with his prisoner girlfriend.

How To Get Your Girlfriend to Give You Anal

It's not as hard as you'd think.

Feminist Are Upset With This American Apparel Ad But I Can’t Stop Looking at It

It's a tennis skirt.

People Are Now Posting #AfterSex Selfies to Instagram and Since We’re All Consenting Adults, Why the Fuck Not?

Are you ready for a new thing?

Science! Explains the Real Reason Why Women Fake Orgasms

So there's an actual scientific reason why she's faking it, Bros.

Are Ribbed Condoms Worth It? An Experiment Involving Lots of Sex

Well... only one way to find out.

How To Get Women Into Bed, By the Really Hot Chick in This Photo

From the forums. Above is how you get our attention. -- Editor

10 Things Not to Put on Your Tinder or Hinge Profile

If you’re willing to degrade your “game” enough to use an online dating website to facilitate sticking your penis into a vagina, then I’m not

Nobody Wants To See Your #AfterSex Selfie On Instagram

For millennia, mankind’s primary instinct — like that of any other animal — was to find suitable sexual mates.

How Do You Tell a Girl That She’s Painfully Bad In Bed?

Sometimes bad sex isn't better than no sex at all.

12 Sex Thoughts of Girls That Guys Don’t Know

Today we've discovered more compelling secrets on Whisper, this time sex secrets. Apparently girls are using the app to share secrets about their kinky (or

The Four Most Ridiculous Sex Machines You Can Buy on Amazon

The reviews for these are absolutely insane, too...

A Guide to Sex World Records, Including the Longest Roper Ever Thrown

HOLY CRAP: Today I Learned that the longest roper ever thrown was 18 feet. 18 FEET!!!!!!! HOW IS A ROPER THAT LONG EVEN POSSIBLE?!?!?!?!

Wait a Second, Five Percent of People Have Checked Facebook During Sex?

Mark Zuckerberg won't stop until people are on Facebook 100 percent of their day.

What Happens When You Take an Unintended Vacation From Masturbating

From time to time, we’re all guilty of it. Work happens, sickness happens, hardcore Hasselhoff-ian binge drinking happens...

10 Sexual Situations You Learn In College

College is a time to experiment with a variety of ways to ruin your life.

14 ‘Luxury’ Sex Toys for the Extremely Rich and Creepy

Because when you're worth millions of dollars...

Are You a Pussy for Wanting to Be More than Friends With Benefits? Plus When Her Nips Have Hair

My mother once told me that the best way to get what you want most is to behave as if it's the thing you could

10 Brain-Banging Facts You Didn’t Know About Dildos

Dildos. There may be no greater threat to getting your noodle wet than these sexual aides.

There’s a New Site That’ll Let You Track How Many Times You Hit It Doggy in 2014

Or missionary, if you are a loser. Loser. The website is Nipple and it made its debut at South by Southwest [...]

4 Crucial Steps to Getting That Girl to Hang Out With You

I'm more or less a pro at knowing how to deal with that weird middle-zone.

Umm… Apparently There Are Two Kinds of Female Orgasm?

Uhhh... Science?

Realtors Have Sex in a Man’s Home, Get Caught On Video

So this is what realtors do when the homeowner isn't around...

How Awkward Is It to Get a Hand Job From Someone New for the First Time?

It was sophomore year of high school. Her name was Emily. We weren't dating but we found ourselves in my parent's basement exploring each other's

Welp, It Looks Like We No Longer Have a Cure for Gonorrhea

Wait, there's a way to construe this as a good thing, right?

College Sex Columinst Think You Shouldn’t Say ‘Pussy’ When Sexting

Silly college kids.