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BRO CALL: We May Not Be As Good At Sex As We Think We Are, Says Our Girlfriends

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So bros, you're probably wondering why I called you in here today.


This Is What Happens When Dick Pics Go Horribly Wrong


We have all come in contact with a dick pic — whether sending, receiving, or hearing a hilarious story about one from a friend.


Florida Couple Arrested For Having Sex In Front Of Kids Near Playground, And It’s Just Florida Being Florida


A classy couple was arrested in Florida last week after they were spotted having sex in front of a bunch of children playing on a playground, according to Police.

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Meet The Woman Who Has Sex With A Tree And Wants To Get Married To It


31 year-old Emma McCabe is in love with a tree named "Tim.


Guy Has The Most ‘This Is My Nightmare’ Reaction When His Girl Surprises Him That She’s Pregnant


Receiving an unexpected pregnancy announcement from your significant other is bad enough as it is, why do women have to pull stunts like this.


What The Hell Is Mobility And Why Will It Help You Lift More?


Spend any amount of time searching through Instagram fitness and you’re likely to come across a few different things.

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New Study That Reveals The Advantages Of Exercise On Your Sex Life Will Make You Renew Your Gym Membership

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For a dude who's dreams of playing professional sports were shattered at an early age and who has zero desire to run the 10K you invited me to on Facebook, this is the news I've been looking for.


Do You Really Want To Bang Your Girlfriend’s Mom? This Study Says You’re Not Alone


Imagine you are standing in a room with five other dudes and all of you have a girlfriend or wife.

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