There’s Now A Selfie Stick That Vibrates And It’s Specifically For Sex


When a selfie stick isn't good enough to capture all of your sexcapades, there's always the sex selfie option.


5 Ways To Bring Up The Idea Of Anal Sex To Your Girlfriend, According To Tasha Reign

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Tasha Reign How do you present the idea of anal sex to your partner.


Man’s Penis Gets Stuck Inside Woman — And Whoops — She’s Married And The Whole Town Saw It Happen


The craziest story of the week (that I've read) comes from South Africa and involves cheating, witchcraft, public fornication and the medical term for getting a penis stuck inside a vagina forever (which I always thought was called marriage.


5 Sexual Fantasies You Actually Have A Shot At Pulling Off


Shutterstock There are always two sorts of people at an amusement park.

harry potter

Someone Sent Us A Snapchat Pic From Boston University’s Harry Potter Sex Ed Class


Last night I wrote about Boston University's Harry Potter-themed sexual education seminar.

sex ed

Boston University Has A ‘Harry Potter’-Themed Sex Ed Seminar


Harry Potter is the quintessential entertainment franchise of a generation.


Condom Stocks Soar 15% After South Korean High Court Decriminalizes ‘Adultery’


The highest court of South Korea has struck down an antiquated law concerning adultery.

worst sex scenes

The 10 Most Unintentionally Awkward Movie Sex Scenes Of All Time


Little tip: If you want to try to get your lady friend "in the mood" by watching a sexy movie, DON'T watch any of these films.

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